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FTM mucous plug question

Okay so this may sound completely stupid, but I am a FTM so this is the kind of crazy stuff I have been thinking lately. Could I possibly lose my mucous plug in the middle of the night during one of my several bathroom trips and not even really know it? I am usually half asleep and in the dark and am afraid that I will have no clue it has happened. Any advice or previous experience is appreciated! Thanks!
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Re: FTM mucous plug question

  • Simple answer...  yes you could.  I lost mine with DD and didn't know it until I was informed by my midwife.  And, I was a 2nd time mom when that happened.
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  • I'm a FTM too so I can't speak from experience, but at our childbirth class, they told me that your mucous plug could come out in pieces and that it can also regenerate itself. She said that you might think that you've lost your mucous plug, but really you may have only lost part of it. Sometimes you don't lose it at all and it comes out with the baby. 

    You could definitely lose it and not realize it, but it's not always a sign that labor is in your immediate future. I don't think it's vital that you know it has happened as long as you're paying attention to other preterm labor signs.


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  • I would assume so. But like others have said, it isn't a real indication of anything so keeping track isn't important.
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  • Yep!  They told us this in a baby class we took last week.  I started thinking that's bound to happen to me, because I get up to use the bathroom 3-4 times a night.  I have horrible vision without my contacts in, and there's no way I'd notice.  My sister in law lost pieces of hers and kept thinking it was the entire thing.  She didn't deliver for 3 weeks after the last of it. 
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  • I never saw my plug with DS.  No idea when it came out.  Not everyone sees theirs.  in fact, I don't know anyone IRL who has seen theirs.
  • I was just thinking this last night during one of my late night trips, its dark, and I can't see without my contacts/glasses.  I wondered if I should be looking out for it. 
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  • Make sure you check in the shower.  I kept thinking I've been losing it in pieces and it came out in all it's glory this morning in the shower.  It was gross and I could definitely tell what it was.
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  • I too am a FTM, but my sister told me with her LO that it didn't come out in pieces, but was more of a continued, yet drastic, increase in discharge.  She said it was like having a bad sinus infection runny nose out your crotch, but NOT DISCOLORED!  " )
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