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LO all of a sudden hates bath time

for the past 4 nights now, LO seems to hate his bath time: he arches his back when I put him in it and starts wiggling like he can't wait to get out of it 

I've checked the temperature, then changed it to make it cooler, then warmer, still arching and wiggling. 

He used to love love love bath time.


Anyone else experience it? 

Re: LO all of a sudden hates bath time

  • My little guy has pretty much hated bath time ever since day 1! There has been maybe 2 times that he hasn't screamed his head off the minute I put him in the water. I've tried changing the temp, putting a towel underneath of him and laying a washcloth on his belly (to keep him warm) and nothing seems to help! I was bathing him everyother day but have thought about uping it to everyday just in order for him to adjust to it (hopefully). He acts like he's just scared so I'm hoping that with time it will get better! Breaks my heart to bathe him though Sad

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  • DD hasn't been too fond of bath time ever since I took her out of the newborn hammock in her FP whale tub.

    Last night, I tried putting a washcloth behind her head thinking the hard plastic may be bothering her. I also got down on the floor, as close to her in the tub as I could so I could talk and sing right to her. She started kicking the water a little, so I made a big deal of encouraging her, like splashing water is the best thing ever. There was no crying and I actually got a little smile out of her.

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