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NKC hospitals??

Hello all!

I just moved to North Kansas City from Canada with my husband. What I'm wondering is... who do you all think is the best hospital or OBGYN unit in the area? I'm 11 weeks pregnant and I saw my doctor before I left Canada 4 weeks ago... but its looking like I won't be able to get on medicaid or anything else for awhile because of my immigration. So I'm trying to cut down the searching phase for a doctor as much as possible, so when I can get one, I'll have the info I need! As it is, I probably won't be able to see a doctor until I'm 16 weeks pregnant.. and I haven't had any ultrasounds, fetal heart monitoring or anything! Thanks in advance!

Re: NKC hospitals??

  • Dr. Howard Shwartz is awesome.. He is at North Kansas city Hospital in NKC
  • I loved delivering at St. Lukes Northland on Barry Woods Road. The nurses are great, there is a wonderful Lactation Consultant on staff. I got my prenatal care from Northland Women's Healthcare. It is a group, my primary care giver was Dr. Abney. She is more reserved but very capable. I was delivered by Dr. Hartung, she has a more outgoing personality and was a good experience having her for the delivery.
    The only issue is that if you want to use the Bradley method during labor they will refer you to another physician's group because they feel it sets up a combative relationship with the physician.
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  • I delivered at North Kansas City hospital and had a great experience.  Northland Womens Healthcare is a great obgyn, and so is Myers Fitch Riojas...I see Dr. Spell and she is wonderful!
  • I went to Nortland Women's Healthcare in the pavilion at NKC Hospital. I had Dr. Rosbrugh and he is AWESOME. Love him. I was referred by several friends and I continue to refer newly expectant mothers to him.
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  • I had Dr. Rosbrugh also and really liked him.  We delivered at NKC, and were really happy there.  Our daughter was born three weeks early and spent a week and half in the NICU, and all the nurses in the different departments were helpful and understanding, and we really appreciated everything they did for us. 
  • North Kansas City Hospital is great from what I have heard, and that is where we are set up to deliver. I also use Heartland Women's Health Care located in the Pavilion of NKC Hospital.

    You should look into hospital tours to help you decide. I know NKC offers them, and I am sure other hospitals do too.

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