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2 month old hates tummy time

I can't get him to do it for more than a minute and we have tried everything. On our chests, Boppy, bed, playmat. The only time he will tolerate face down is when I hold him and let him " fly". I've tried before eating, after naps, while playing on mat. He as really good head support and is sturdy but I don't want him to get behind with the crawling and rolling over ect.
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Re: 2 month old hates tummy time

  • Mine doesn't care for it either.  We keep trying and sometimes she does just fine.  Other times she screams almost right away.  I mentioned to the doctor that she doesn't like it and he just said to keep trying so that's what we're doing.  I'll be curious to see if you get any other recommendations of how to be more successful.  I could use some more ideas too!
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  • Not much of a tip, but try to keep trying for short bits of time. My LO doesn't tolerate being on his tummy for very long, so I just put him down on his tummy, wait until he protests, then put him on his back. I hope these short session acheive something...
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  • My son is 10 weeks old now and he as well hates to be on his tummy unless it is on my chest and it worries me about his development as far as learning to roll over cause when i lay him on his tummy on the floor he gets mad but when he was first born the first two wks he had no problem with it and now he just gets so mad and i dont know what to do. Any suggestions?

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  • I am right there with you ladies.. the only thing I have come up with is to do 1 minute on the changing table every time I change him. I also (when I can ) give him a tummy nap (supervised of course) and then I let him stay on his tummy for a little bit when he starts to wake up - he can usually last a little longer before screaming bloody murder
  • Mine is the same way. She will lay face down, hands at her sides SCREAMING, then as soon as you flip her over, it's happy baby time. She can also hold her head up very well when seated and is starting to try to sit up a bit while on her back. Not very successfully, mind you, but at least she is giving it a shot! I have also seen her almost roll from back to tummy in her crib while I'm watching on the monitor. Her dr said to keep trying so we do 3 five minute sessions per day where she basically just screams while I watch the clock. Who knows if it is actually acheiving anything beneficial!
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