3rd Trimester

U/S shows 2 "LOBES" one on each side of my

cervix?  What exactly does this mean?  I was stupid and did not ask the dr enough questions because during my last u/s they discovered partial placenta previa so I was focused on that. My dr said I have a 50/50 shot of being able to deliver vaginally.  I have tried to research the lobe thing but haven't found much.
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Re: U/S shows 2 "LOBES" one on each side of my

  • I would call up your office and have the Dr. give you a call back to discuss it further.
  • normally a placenta is round, maybe a bit oval.  Lobes would be like a round off-shoot of the placenta that may or may not be well connected to the placenta.  Or it can be that your placenta is split and is almost like 2 small placentas.  with vaginal birth they may be concerned about the placenta sheering away from the cervix/uterine wall (placental abruption) or they may be concerned that the way the cord connects to the placenta or lobes is not structurally sound.  best to f/u with u/s and follow the advice of your doc.
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  • I have this.  There is a greater concern for the placenta to pull away early and to make sure to get all the placenta out after the birth.  I had to have a few ultrasounds to make sure the placenta was not covering the cervix and now I am all set to have a vaginal delivery.

     It's called placenta succenturiate.


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