Resources for New NICU Moms

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Welcome to the NICU. It?s a scary place and often a very lonely journey. Below is a list of resources that the moms on this board have created and collected during our preemie journeys that we wanted to share with you. We hope they are a good starting place for you. Please ask lots of questions and share your experience with us too!


As always, please keep adding to our list!




These were created by one of the moms on this board as a supplement to normal baby books since the normal books don?t really tell the story of a NICU stay.

 Boy Version and Girl Version 




The Preemie Book

This book is a great resource. Don?t read it all the way through, use it to look up specific issues as you encounter them.


The Preemie Primer

This book is a similar to the Preemie Book but includes a little more about life after the NICU. Not as comprehensive


The Premature Baby Book

Another great resource by Dr. Sears of attachment parenting fame.


Daily Journal

This is a great journal for keeping track of your baby?s daily milestones. Even if you just use a plain notebook, we recommend you get something to write down daily stats, meds, questions, etc to help you see progress and keep track of details.





Many found this group to be extremely helpful during their NICU stay. They have a great preemie support group.


Pictures of Hope

This national network of photographers will come to the NICU and take pictures of your family for free.


Grahams Foundation

Graham's Foundation! A friend signed me up and they sent me the nicest care package to the hospital.




It?s a Preemie Thing 

Created by a preemie mom, these are great onesies for your little one. Lots of great NICU inside jokes!


Carters and Gerber also tend to run small so their clothes fit preemies early on. Also note that you don?t want to buy too many preemie sized clothes at the beginning. Wait until your LO can wear clothes and asses what sizes you really need. 




FB group Breastmilk for Preemies


It can be pretty hippie-tastic, but good info comes up. I snagged this link out of a thread thinking it might help some of us here







Links from a bump preemie mom's blog (kaylaaimee):

Here are my favorite resources for preemie/NICU parents

and here are my fave preemie products




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