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If you are team green...anyone ruined your surprise?

I'm starting to think I want to wait to find out the sex of this baby until it's born.  I'm having a level 2 ultrasound with my perinatologist at 18 weeks, and anatomy scan with my doctor at 20 weeks if necessary.

I'm just curious if someone, like your doctor, nurse or ultrasound tech, would ruin your surprise by saying things like, "OK, 'she' looks absolutely perfect!" or "'He' looks great!" at the end of the ultrasound or at later office visits.

I'm I over thinking it?


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Re: If you are team green...anyone ruined your surprise?

  • Yes! I had to have a placenta scan last week, and although we told the doctor right when she was squirting gel on my belly that we didn't want to know, she said "Her head is really low!" I looked at her with laser death eyes, and she said "I just default to she because I don't like saying IT," but she was super weird about it and kept stumbling on her words. Later, the tech that was helping said "she" once, but said "baby" the rest of the time.

    Then again, at my A/S, the genetic counselor came in after our scan and made it sound like a boy, so we've had flubs in two opposite directions. I guess that's good because I don't know what to think! Apparently, being team green is super rare? The techs always say that they get maybe 1 or 2 a month who don't want to know, and they are FT OB ultrasound techs. Huh.

    ETA: I have ultrasounds all the time because I'm high risk (and was with a reproductive endocrinologist while TTC), and have never had an issue except for these circumstances.  I've had well over 10 ultrasounds already, and everyone else has been very accommodating and kept the goods a secret.

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  • Happened to my friend when we were both pregnant (so about 2 years ago). They were team green, and at one of her ultrasounds at the end (they were monitoring baby size), they referred to baby as "she". They asked the nurse about it, and she tried to cover and say "oh he refers to all babies as she", but it did ruin it. They didn't officially know until she was born, and they say the moment was still amazing. But, bummer regardless.
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  • we had a good u/s tech! we told her like 5 times & instead of "he" or "she" the tech said "little monster"..

    after having 1 babyshower, I do NOT regret being team green!!! We got soo many diapers & wipes (not complaining!!), but I know if they knew the sex then we'd hav TONS of blue or pink!


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  • with my second child i was high risk and had to go see a specialist 3 hours away.  the tech doing the u/s had to see if she could determin the sex so i turned my head and closed my eyes.  when she was done she brought the dr the information and the dr walked in and goes "oh congratulations, I have two boys too"  i was so sad.  i kept saying i didnt hear her the whole long car ride home.  i had my son 2 weeks later. 
  • I am not team green and wasn't with my son, but the techs at my office are really good, even knowing the sex they don't refer to the baby as either he or she. Both  pregnancies my doctor has asked me what I am having as she said the ultrasound tech doesn't save that info in the records from a/s. 

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  • So far so good! I was worried about accidentally finding out at our anatomy scan but we didn't.  They have so few people at our office that don't find out, all of our doctors are excited and supportive of it.  They recorded it in my chart which made me nervous, but they have it written all over we don't want to know.  I was worried I would be paying attention for slips in our appointments, but I had an appointment since and totally wasn't even paying attention.  I'm hoping it stays that way, obviously.  Big Smile 
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  • When I was pg with my DD my OB used pronouns for both genders. She played it off like she was just trying to tease us but I always wondered if the whole thing was to cover up a flub in the first place.

    I also kind of knew that it was a girl based on the anatomy scan. We told the tech we were team green and that I was a nurse and knew what to look for. She assured us that she would tell us to look away if she got into "dangerous territory". However she measured LOs femur as we watched so I figured if she didn't make us look away at that point it was because there was nothing to see.

    All that being said. Finding out for sure in the delivery room was still amazing. We never even thought about not being team green this time around.

  • our tech was awesome. We said straight up we didn't want to know.  she never said he/she she said it.  i don't think they even know to be honest.  She went over the privates to view for things and did it SO quickly that we couldn't even barely tell where she was on the baby lol.  But i do know some doctors that automat. use he or she when referring to babies- just like some books do so i don't think much about it!
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  • We were planning on going team green this time but out son actually spoiled it for us! At my 15 week u/s they were doing a profile shot to look at his spine/neck and his legs were out straight, lets just say it was super duper obvious that he was a boy! I would have to keep my eyes closed for every u/s we have, (we have them every 2-4 weeks) he really likes to show off his goods!! 
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  • My tech just said straight off that in a team green situation she refers to all babies as a "he".  Turns out, looking at the screen while she had it tilted ruined the surprise for me... BUT, I am more than happy with that... I was never cut out for team green.  However, we have kept the secret from everyone else.  MUHAHAHA
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  • That didn't happen to me, but it did happen to my sister. I felt so bad because she made it thru most of her pregnancy when the doc said "oh, you are going to be the queen in a home with all boys!" ... so, that was that! 30-some odd weeks of holding strong to not find out and just like that it was ruined! Not sure this is very common at all as maybe being team green is a little more popular now?? But just wanted to share! Good luck!


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  • I'm not team green but my doctor told me it's a girl, and he kept referring to my baby as 'he', so just because they refer to one sex over the other doesn't mean it's true. Maybe they really do just use he/she more than the other one
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  • My ultrasound tech wasn't even going to look for the sex unless we wanted to know.  Maybe ask about that?
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  • image HopingForOne:
    My ultrasound tech wasn't even going to look for the sex unless we wanted to know.  Maybe ask about that?

    They still have to look at the bladder and thighs...

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