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Journaling for your LO

For the last couple of years I have scrapbooked photos, tickets, mementos and other things for DD (while pregnant and after).  However, when I became pregnant with DS, I became too tired to scrapbook all of the time. Now that he is here, I am simply too busy (and then too tired!) to get back into it right now, although I plan to asap. 

I would like to keepa journal for each LO, writing down their milestones, events, funny and memorable things that they do. Does anyone else do this?  I don't want to use a baby book,just a journal.  Where did you get yours? How did you start?


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Re: Journaling for your LO

  • I know you said you don't want to use a book, but I used a fantastic one designed by Nikki McClure (I love her work) called "The first 1000 days." It has space for each month up to 24 months of age and then a bunch of pages after about first words, games we play, songs LO loves, first friends, etc. I took 1 day every month for the first 24 of DD's life just to summarize happenings that month- milestones, trips we took, or any silly old thing that happened and then I jotted things down in the other sections when they were relevant. I love looking back on this book now and when friends ask me specific questions about babyhood, I can usually flip through it and find the answer. It's amazing how much you forget.
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  • I bought a journal for each child and I write in them as if they are an ongoing letter to each of them.  I plan to give them to them when they each are expecting their first child.  It includes their milestones my feelings during pregnancies.  Even some personal feelings about relationships and communication.   I write about how my relationship with them changes and grows, and I often write about what I imagine our relationship will be like in 20, 30 years... what I think they'll be when they grow up based on current obsessions.     DD#1 often talks about wanting to grow up to be an allergist to save children from peanuts or a firefighter to help doctors help kids.  I write that stuff down, and lord, on days that she spends screaming at, and arguing with me- it helps to go back and read that stuff!

    I just used plain old cheapies picked up on sale at hall mark or something.

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  • I do this...I just bought a blank book and every now and then jot down my thoughts, dreams for them, and little antedotes.  You just start....kinda like writing an open letter to your child.  Have fun with it!
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  • I started journaling for each LO.  I write an entry every week or two of milestones, funny events, general life events, etc.  I actually just have a Word document on my computer (one doc for each LO), so nothing fancy, but it's the easiest way for me to do on a lunch hour at work. 
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  • I have open files on my computer. One is called Dear Son and the other Dear daughter. I add to them when I can, I try for once a week. I back this up on an external hard drive and email it to myself now and then. I love it. I started it when I was pregnant!
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