How long was your hospital stay?

How many nights were you in the hospital for your c-section? With #1, I was there for forever (5 days, 4 nights)--not due to complications just b/c of time of day (water broke early in the morning went into hospital around 7am labored for about 18 hours or so and DD was born around 1am). #2 will be scheduled so assuming it will be a little be shorter but curious what it was for everyone else
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Re: How long was your hospital stay?

  • I was in for 4 nights and 5 days due to my baby being in the NICU. Went in for surgery at 1230 on Tues and he was released on Sat, so my Dr released me as well. :)
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  • I was there from Tuesday to Friday. I would have been discharged on Thursday, but my LO had a jaundice problem so they kept me one more night. I didn't have any complications so I guess my doc was comfortable with not keeping me another night, but since my LO wasn't well, they did.
  • I was in for 4 days, my Dr told me I could leave after 3 but I decided to stay the extra day, when else will you have free 24 hr childcare?!?!

     I have no clue how I will handle the next one, I'm sure I'll miss DD too much to want to be in the hosp for 4 days.

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  • I was induced in the morning, had DS the following morning and was released 2 days later. So all together 4 days and 3 nights. My insurance would have paid for another day in the hospital for both of us but my OB and Pediatrician said we were ok to go and I was ready to go home.


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  • I was there 3 nights.  I could have stayed 4 but wanted to go home to be with DS#1.  I only stayed 3 nights with him too now that I think about it.
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  • 4 nights, 1 in labor + 3 post c-section
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  • I went to the hospital at 1 pm on Thursday, had her about 3 hours later, left Sunday morning.  I was supposed to stay another day, but I was very unhappy with some stuff that happened at the hospital.
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  • I went in Wednesday morning for my repeat c-section and I left Friday afternoon. I couldn't wait to get home to my recliner!
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  • I was admitted late Tuesday night, had DD at 1:56 Wednesday morning, and was discharged on Sunday.  My recovery went well and I could have gone home a day earlier, but insurance covered four nights after the surgery (which happened in the middle of the night, so I kind of got a bonus), and it was nice having meals and everything taken care of.
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  • I was admitted in labor on monday morning, had my C/S monday night, and was released thursday afternoon.  So 3 nights total.
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  • I was in a total of 5 nights with ds, 3 were after the birth.  Loooong labor that landed me nowhere lol.  This time my doc's office said that 2 nights is standard for a scheduled with no complications.
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  • With both for 3 nights. On c/s #2 the dc was ready to release me the next day since I was up and walking so good. But I left the hospital with out all 3 boys before they left.
    What did ya get bro?


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  • Induced Tuesday night (failed), c-section Wednesday night, released Saturday at noon.  So 2.5 days after the section. 
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  • With my first three, it was 4 nights and 5 days. For one it was because I had spiked a fever and they wanted to observe me, one because DD was in the NICU, and the other just because. 

    With my fourth, I had her very late on Sunday night and was released first thing wednesday morning. So, 2.5 nights and 2 days. If I am honest, it was nowhere near long enough. I did NOT feel ready to go home (in relation to healing, of course I wanted to be home) and I definitely felt like I was being forced out. 

    In my perfect world, I would like to do 4 days and 4 nights.  


  • I got to the hospital around 9am, had DD at 9:35pm Friday. I got released Sunday around 6:30.
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  • Admitted 9 pm on Monday due to water breaking. Failed induction(never went into labor on my own), and had a c-section 10:55 pm on Tuesday.  Went home Saturday afternoon.  If breastfeeding was working, I would have went home Friday. They wanted to give me another night with access to LCs. DS didn't latch until two weeks later.
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  • With my first I stayed all 4 nights because she was in the NICU. With DD2 I had the c-section on a Friday at noon and left Sunday afternoon. I don't take pain meds, had very minimal pain, no complications, and just wanted to get the heck out of the hospital!

  • 3 nights 4 days for an uncomplicated primary c section.

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  • Admitted at 6:30 PM Tuesday, failed induction due to DD's HR dropping, born at 8:47 PM Tuesday, discharged at 4 PM Friday.
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  • I went in on the morning of the 16th of July a sat, was in labor for 13 hrs and wouldn't progress from 5 cm, and was released the following Wednesday. N had jaundice and i had a bout of Tachycardia so we both had to stay an extra day for observation. 
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  • I was admitted on Wednesday night for an induction, and had my c/s Thursday afternoon. I could have been discharged on Sunday (3 days) but DD was having issues so they kept me for another night. She then needed to be admitted to pediatric floor when I was discharged on Monday. We spent one night there so in total, I was in the hospital from Wednesday night - Tuesday night.
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  • 5 days  but 1st day was 18 hours of labor (wed)...had her at 227 am (thurs) and my doc originally wanted me to stay till monday but lucky for me another doc was covering over the weekend and let me go home on sunday :)
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  • My csection was at 2am on a Tuesday and I was discharged at noon that Thursday.
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  • My C-section was on sept. 3,2011 on a saturday. I was released from the hostipal on september 7,2011. I was discharged at 8pm that night.
  • I went on Monday night at 5 pm for inducement, had c-section at 7:30 tuesday night and we were released at noon on Saturday.

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  • Total- 5 days, 4 nights. I was induced and labored almost 24 hours before DS was born. I wish they would have let me stay there until DS was released from the NICU, but they weren't sure how long it would be at that time. If they had known it would be a week, we might have been able to pull that off. But they were thinking 2+ weeks, so I was released.



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  • First c/s I arrived Tuesday at 6:30 am and left Thursday at 11:30 am.

    Second c/s I arrived on Thursday at 7:00 am and left on Saturday at 11:45 am.

    Two days both times... 

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  • I was induced on Tuesday morning and had c-section at 10pm that night. We were released mid day Friday.
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  • Induced Wednesday morning, C/S Thursday afternoon, released Monday morning. I stayed the max amount of time allowed, although I felt ready to go home by Saturday.
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  • I went in Saturday @ 9am for induction and left Wednesday @ around 2. So i guess that's *counts on fingers* 4 full days & 4 full nights. And they said i could stay another day if I wanted. OH NO!! That was plenty for me lol
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