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nap time hell

So DD has never done naps well. When she was younger she would only nap on me, and eventually we got her to where she would take short naps in her crib. But i mean short, like 10-15min. So I know she takes naps on a cot at daycare, but i figure its more of a herd mentality thing that anything else. Lately shes back to only taking naps on one of us, or in the car. I really need to get stuff done while she naps bc she is very clingy and high needs when she is awake, and dose not play independently very well. Today she woke up at 6 am and has not had a nap yet, it's almost 1pm. I know she's tired, she knows she's tired, but she won't sleep. I've tried reading to her till she's asleep(works 20% of the time), she won't be rocked, ive tried staying in the room silently, and reassuring her. I've tried CIO in intervals checking on her after 10 min( she screams even worse). Today she sat in her crib for 20 min screaming and still no nap. I really need help ladies, this no napping will be the death of me!

Oh and she's almost 16 months. 


Re: nap time hell

  • Wish I had words of advice for you mama, but we're in the same boat.

    Grace typically does not nap at all, she just doesn't need it (even though mama does!)

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  • I have the same problem. I have tried absolutely everything. And I totally understand your frustration with not being able to get anything done since she doesn't nap. My little girl has always been very alert and intense. If she entertains herself for 10 minutes I am so excited! I wish I could give you some advice. It's kind of nice to know that I'm not the only one!
  • How long does she sleep at night and how do you put her to sleep? She should be taking about a 2.5 hour nap during the day. What time of day do you try to put her down for naps?
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  • We have a great sleeper, but have been having MAJOR trouble with naps & bedtime lately. We moved her nap up (about an hour earlier) and let her guide the routine more (instead of just always doing books). Instea of "one more book" we say "one more minute, what do you want to do?" Sometimes she wants us to read or her to pretend to read, sometimes we just talk, sometimes we sing or cuddle, sometimes we pretend we are on a merry go round. lol. But letting go of the structure has helped tremendously, now some nights she literally says "I am ready to lay down now." Good luck! Try to see if you can figure out what it is she doesn't like. Is it too dark? (we've let DD take a flashlight to bed). If she wants more books but time is up, we let her take one or two to bed to read.
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  • My DD (15 months) has also never been a good sleeper. Lately going for walks in the stroller works about 60% of the time and my foolproof method is bouncing her in the ergo while nursing. Once she's out I can put her down in my bed (we co-sleep half the night, so she's really used to sleeping there).

    Could you try wearing her while getting things done during the day? This really helped me, even when she was older or try getting her involved. When I clean my kitchen, I give DD a sponge and she "helps" or she helps me put laundry in the dryer.  Sure it takes longer, but it's worth it to have her happy and me able to get things done.


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  • image AlaskanFerret:
    How long does she sleep at night and how do you put her to sleep? She should be taking about a 2.5 hour nap during the day. What time of day do you try to put her down for naps?

     she goes to bed by 7:30 every night. We have little trouble with nighttime. She will fuss for a few min, but then she sleeps all the way through till around 6 the next morning. We put her down awake at night time, but if i did that during the day she just screams. IDK, the longest nao she has taken is about 1rh and a half, and then thats it for the day. 

  • Yeah we do bath book bed at night, and she does good.  Right now she's into the parts of peoples faces and will just spend the whole time pointing to our noses and eyes and showing us hers.  i try to do a wind down period during the day so that she can settle down for nap, and not go straight from play to nap, but she is so on the go that she will not stop if i don't make her.  

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  • She used to love being worn, not so much now that she is running everywhere. She would rather be down getting into something. I know that she'll go to sleep in the carseat, or stroller, nut she is such a light sleeper that she dose not transfer well. It really only work about 30% of the time, and if she wakes up while transfering her and she realizes whats going on she will become a total beast and refuse to go back to sleep anywhere bc she is o00n to

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  • Is nap time at a certain time each day? My LO will sleep at his nap times (11-12:30 and 3-4:30), but if he misses one of those and I try to put him down, say at 1pm, he won't. Have you tried to follow a schedule? Be consistent, try to put her down for her nap during nap time. If she blows past it wait until her next nap time. I also would not use any crutch, like a stroller or carseat. Try for a few days, she should catch on.

    Oh, I think she should have one long nap during the day, not two, my LO is younger. 

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