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Potty Training Help Please

So my LO will be 2 this month, but he started to sit and use the potty we bought for him to get use to. This weekend we tried to potty train, and we were about 85% successful. We have a timer that plays music when it goes off any he get excited and goes ?potty time? and we will go potty. However we started with plain underwear and set the timer for every 30 min. Well he started to fight the toilet and then we would go play and he would have an accident right way and it would not bother him at all. So after about 4 times, and appears negative towards the toilet I decided to change to pull-ups so if he had an accident no big deal, and we set the timer for 90 mins. After 3 days, he does not fight the toilet and 50% of the time he is still dry.

So my question is in known to some people he is still young, but I would like some suggestions as to help bring attention to the peeing and sitting in the underwear. He knows what he is doing because he stops playing looks down and the goes. Other times when he was dry and the timer went off, he got excited and as we were walking to the potty he would pee. So I guess I am looking for some suggestions on how to keep it a happy environment, but also teach about the have to pee sensation.


Re: Potty Training Help Please

  • Honestly our potty training was non-existant.  Several people told me when they are ready they will let you know and it will not take any work.  When DS was a little over 2 1/2 I asked him if he would like to wear big boy underpants like his friends and he said yes.  We bought special underpants and never looked back.  We have had maybe 4 accidents.

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