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Potty Training Help Please

So my LO will be 2 this month, but he started to sit and use the potty we bought for him to get use to. This weekend we tried to potty train, and we were about 85% successful. We have a timer that plays music when it goes off any he get excited and goes ?potty time? and we will go potty. However we started with plain underwear and set the timer for every 30 min. Well he started to fight the toilet and then we would go play and he would have an accident right way and it would not bother him at all. So after about 4 times, and appears negative towards the toilet I decided to change to pull-ups so if he had an accident no big deal, and we set the timer for 90 mins. After 3 days, he does not fight the toilet and 50% of the time he is still dry.

So my question is in known to some people he is still young, but I would like some suggestions as to help bring attention to the peeing and sitting in the underwear. He knows what he is doing because he stops playing looks down and the goes. Other times when he was dry and the timer went off, he got excited and as we were walking to the potty he would pee. So I guess I am looking for some suggestions on how to keep it a happy environment, but also teach about the have to pee sensation.


Re: Potty Training Help Please

  • Probably not what you want to hear but at 2 he's just starting to develop the ability to sense and control the need to pee/poop. He may just not be ready yet. He may be sensing the need but having trouble holding it/releasing it on command.

    I'd probably continue what you're doing, maybe go to setting the timer for every hour and see how he does. 30 min. may have been too often and annoyed him but 90 may be too long. 

    It'll come in time. I'd let him just get used to it and give it a couple weeks and see what happens. At 2 there is no big rush to pt him so I wouldn't force it and potentially make it a lot harder.

    The only other thought is maybe put on underwear under the pull up so he can feel the wet sensation?

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  • Here are some things that has really helped us: "trying to go" every 30 mins or so like you are doing. They love gummy bears so every time they actually pee or poo in the potty they get a gummy bear (but never any other time). This really really helped. Also I found that the Gerber Training pants are a blessing. They are just like underwear except the middle is thicker to absorb more of the mess.They are also a lot softer ( not sure if that made a difference or not). I intended to only use them when going out but the kids love them and it has made a big difference in our boy, so we use them all the time now. With the exception of a failed trip to the lake this weekend they only get a diaper/ pull up at naps and bedtime. I think this also makes a big difference. I have other things in my blog (in signature) if your interested.

    I have found it takes time and consistency. Training earlier takes a little time.


    Seriously. Pull ups feel like a diaper, it makes sense that he would go in them. Let him pee on the floor, tell him he's peeing, take him to the potty and have him sit and try to do it there. Then have him clean the mess up with you. He'll learn pretty quickly.

    Always praise and give rewards for ANY amount of pee or poop in the potty. Don't get upset about accidents, stay calm and keep explaining it/showing him what to do.

    A couple days of naked time, and your kid will probably going to the potty on their own when they feel like they need to go.

    Your child is FULLY capable of PT right now, anyone who says differently has no idea what they're talking about. It's just a matter of his interest. The more opportunities you give him to be successful, the more likely he is to be interested. My child can hold it/release it on command, and has been in underwear for the past few weeks, with only occasional accidents.


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