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My 3t girl is always fightin' with 5yr girl cousin WHAT TO DO?

i need help with the right approach dealing with my daughter who is 3t, will be 4t this coming december. Her cousin who is 5yrs( my niece, my old sister child). is living with us short term, when the two of them get together everything is fine there laughing having a good time, then they starting fight over toys and telling on each other. i know for one is because there jealous. i just don't know what to do, just let them be kids i guess.i feel as though i'm the one who is always discipling my daughter,telling her no, and to be nice and to share..(basically breaking up there fights) .my sister is sitting right in front of them who isn't saying anything most of the time..i don't know,can someone please tell me this is normal, or am i just overreacting on everything. ***my sister old daughter who is 9yrs, my daughther gets along fine with her,she is a different little one around fighting. (just wanted to add)

Re: My 3t girl is always fightin' with 5yr girl cousin WHAT TO DO?

  • So what needs to happen is simple - next time they start going at it seperate them put them both in a time out and explain that if they can't play nicely together/share/ whatever the problem may be - then they have to play by themselves. They will clue in soon enough that if they want a friend to play with they have to play nice.




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