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Any body else?

You hear the stories around the 4 month old age where the baby is up most of the night. Why does that seem so for MTB's? It has been about 2 weeks now and I have not been able to sleep. I am 17 weeks and this is driving me crazy. This isn't the first pregnancy were this has happened either. Any one else going through this, and if so any ideas on what might help besides medication?
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Re: Any body else?

  • I have been having trouble sleeping for a few weeks now and I'm only at week 14. I have always been a night owl, but have grown out of it in the past few years. Now all of a sudden I'm right back to my insomniac ways! My problem is that I can't get comfortable or relax. Pillows do nothing to help me get comfy, but what does help is relaxation techniques. I've noticed if I try to do something to help myself relax and it actually does work, imagine that! I do some yoga after my DH has gone to bed, then take a warm shower with the lights on dim. I've even gotten as corny as to turn on some classical music while I'm in there to just let my mind relax and stop worrying about registries, showers and prenatal tests! Decaf fruit teas have been a blessing as well. Nothing better than an old movie, a comfy blanket on the couch and a warm cup of decaf tea! Now if it's baby tumbling around that keeping you awake, my girlfriend swore whenever she ate something with a decent amount of garlic, her LO would stop doing cartwheels. She said just a piece of toast with a little garlic salt would do the trick before bed! Just make sure you have some strong toothpaste so you don't scare DH out of the bed lol. I haven't heard anything against too much garlic during pregnancy, so just add that to the other hundred billion questions for your OB! Hope this helps a little! 
  • Sleep? What's that?! I'm 20 weeks today (woohoo!) and have finally found my cure for sleep.  A body pillow between my knees, a warm glass of milk before bed (I don't do tea), and 1.5mg ambien. Unisom did nothing for me - except make me loopy. They've prescribed me 5mg ambien and half a pill knocks me out for 8.5 hours. Best part is, you still get up to pee every hour and a half or so - but you don't toss and turn to get back to sleep. You just - float. :)

    I'm a student, so no sleep is not an option right now. My husband does what he can to help get me to sleep (head massages and neck massages, mainly). But we reached the point where my tossing and turning, my getting out of bed and back into bed and out of bed and back into bed and out of bed..etc, was keeping him up. And since he works 8-5....probably not a great idea. I was also sleep walking most of the day since I wasn't sleeping at night.

    We also found that if my DH would talk to Colton (our little Peanut on the way) and gently rub my belly - he would calm down and I could sleep easier. My cat also curls up against my belly and purrs - it makes her happy and it keeps Colton still and quiet - which means I get to sleep!!

    I've also found not drinking two-three hours before bed does *not* work for me. I still get up to pee. And then I'll wake up thirsty in the middle of the night.

     Good luck!!

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