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XP: Shower Question?

Hi, ladies! I'm hoping I can ask you for advice about shower etiquette. :)

Two of my female friends have both expressed an interest in hosting/assisting-hosting a baby shower for me. They don't know each other at all (and one of them doesn't know the majority of my other friends, either, but she's definitely the better planner of the two of them).

Would it be bad form to send an email to the two of them and ask them to coordinate? What would you do??
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Re: XP: Shower Question?

  • I would mention to both of them that the other has expressed interest in throwing you a shower and suggest that they could plan it together and get all of your friends from all circles in one place to celebrate! Or you can always tell them that you don't know if you'll have energy enough for two separate ones and if they can collaborate on one for you it'd be a "life saver!" My best friend and my sister are getting together to plan mine and they've never met before. They are both extremely excited and have already started to plan shower games! Hope this helps! Congrats and good luck!
  • Wow, I'm in such a brain fog. I absolutley read the the title as you having questions about showering. I was expecting bath mat suggestions or something. Anyhow, I don't think it would be a bad idea to mention it to them and let them reach out to one another. I'm sure that each of them would appeciate the help and ideas of someone else. At least I know I would.
  • Two of my friends (un-connected except through me) are coordinating on my baby shower. One is my sister-in-law and the other is a great friend from college. They've met once and don't remember each other. However, they both offered so I connected them via email and now they are both assisting each other with the shower. :)
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  • Awesome! Thank you guys so much; this has been a lot of help! :)
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