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How do you find time to PUMP?

Hi, there!

I'm currently pumping almost exclusively.  Trying to get DS on the boob, but he usually screams bloody murder and refuses it.  Sometimes I can trick him into it but usually he just gets upset and I get sad.

Anyway, as he's napping a little less during the day and he LOVES napping ON me (sometimes to the point of screaming when I try to put him in the pack-n-play or the swing, his two "napping spots) it's getting tougher to pump as much as I'd like to. 

How do you exclusive pumpers find time?  My husband works 6-6, so it's not like I can wait for him, and I'm not about to let my baby lay there and cry while I pump. 

Any suggestions?  I'm not sure how much longer I want to do the pumping thing.  I wish he'd get on the boob!  I'm pumping NOW as I type this, btw, because he's actually napping for once! 

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Re: How do you find time to PUMP?

  • I EP too and H is rarely around.

     I dropped an afternoon pump but not a middle of the night one like most people do. I don't mind getting up and I have time then because everyone is asleep. Helps tremendously.

    Also I'll be honest, sometimes I cheat. I put LO on her boppy on the couch next to me and hold her bottle while I pump. Not the best, but I don't find it bad either. It works and sometimes I do what I have to do.

    Also mine loves her bouncy chair so I save it for pumping time. I just put her in there on the floor next to me and she looks around plays and I can reach her if necessary.

    I stick the horns in my bra too and they hold themselves up. Usually I can hold LO across my lap if absolutely necessary. Not easy, but again it works.


  • Can you put him in a boppy breast pillow on your lap while you pump?  This is what I used to do with DS at night when I couldn't lay him flat (or he was still too awake) after feeding because of his reflux.  If he got really upset I stopped the pumping session and started again when he settled.

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  • I have a pumping bra. It helps tremendously with being hands free while pumping, I usually feed LO at night and pump at the same time. During the day, I also use the bra. I also have a battery backup in my pump so if I need to be chasing around DD#1, I can do that and pump at the same time.

    Also, my LO LOVES to be held while napping. I found that if I add a warm blanket to wherever I am going to lay her (for me its either the bouncer or her car seat), she doesn't scream. I think she just likes to be warm so adding another blanket helps mimic my body heat I think. I'm usually right there to make sure she's alright, I know you aren't supposed to use alot of blankets because of the risk of SIDS.

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  • I pump when I feed him. I have a hands free bra.  I set the bra up, get situated with him (I cross my legs pretzel style and put him in the crook of the bend), and the bottle.  Then I turn on the pump and feed him. 
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  • hands-free bra for pumping is a MUST have!!! :)
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  • I pump right after I feed him. He is fed and changed and happy and then I take that time that he is content to pump. It only takes me about 15 minutes. At night DH feeds while I pump so that we can both go to sleep sooner. My LO will only take the boob if he is really REALLY hungry and I usually have to top him off with a bottle when he does take the boob. 
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  • It is so hard to find time to pump every 3 hours religously!  I've gone down to 4 sessions a day and have noticed that my supply dropped a bit, so try to do as many sessions as you can keep up with.  If I don't start pumping ASAP when he goes down for a nap, I'll do it after I feed and change him.  I put him on the playmat and sit next to him on the floor.  You ABSOLUTELY need a hands free pumping bra!  I pump for 20 minutes, so there's no way I'd be able to entertain him and pump without it.


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  • My babies aren't home yet but I've been pumping since they were born.  Here's a few things that have helped me: hands free pumping bra and sometimes when I pump while I'm visiting I lay them on a bobby on my lap while I pump.  It also sounds like you could benefit from the help of a lactation consultant.     
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