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hopes. dashed again...... when is this going to happen

Usually im the one saying, noone worry it will happen when its the right time... BUT... I have now been through over two weeks of nightly contractions, the last few nights have been particularly strong, with me really thinking ok this is it this time, i wait and wait, shower, rest, walk around it gets worse,,, i get super excited, then think ok ill go to bed, and i will prob wake up in like three hours and have to go to the hospital... I lay everything out to make it easier for us.... Then i wake up a few times tonpee with no contrx, then i wake up at 7am feeling fine, what the he!! Is going on. Yesterday i swore it was it, contrax got really qite painful lasted from lunchtime to nighttime, and i guess stopped sometime during the night, it was the first time they started so early, usually they start about 8pm. I know my doc wants me induced at 39weeks so i know i only have a few more days really, but i wish i could go on my own and each time this happens it gets my hopes up so much only to be dashed again. Just feeling sorry for myself now. I guess a few hours of walking round a mall today wouldnt hurt. :).

Re: hopes. dashed again...... when is this going to happen

  • Why are you being induced at 39 weeks?  I'm going through this too.  Hopefully all the practice will make induction easier on your body.
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  • im going through the same thing... last night i was up all night finally work dh after the 3rd nightly contraction and then they went away. its really annoying and painful. it usually happens at night and during the day nothing. my dr also mention something about inducing at 39 weeks but im not sure if i want to be induced. even though waiting sucks, i figure my body is taking its course 
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    Hello. I've waited here for you. Everlong<3<br>
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    Why are you being induced at 39 weeks? I'm going through this too. Hopefully all the practice will make induction easier on your body.
    BP reasons coupled with other risk factors, my OB doesnt want me going past 39. At first i thought id be so upset to have an induction, but now im like... Bring it on.... :). I just try and focus on what my body is doing i guess, all this contracting etc is preparing my body, and is dilating and effacing me too, so i guess its not just for nothing. Hard to wake up in the morning still pregnant Again though. I guess im just reaching my impatient point.
  • I'm with you too. I had contractions and back pain consistently for the past two days. I've been so excited waiting for them to get stronger, and this morning they are gone. 

    I never expected this to be so emotionally tiring for DH and myself. I have an appointment tomorrow and I'm afraid they?re going to tell me there has been no progress. DH and I are both teachers, so it's not like we can just call in when this gets started, so that's an extra source of stress. I've made so many sub plans and each day I go in just to throw them out and write new ones for the next day.

    I keep trying to remind myself to be patient and she'll be here soon, but the waiting is really starting to take a toll on me. I?m so frustrated (insert temper tantrum here)



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  • I am there with you, you should have seen the pity party for one I was throwing myself in the middle of the night last night!

    All I can say is keep working through them, and keep moving on like labour isn't happening until it most definitely is.  Crossing my fingers that it will start naturally for you.

    I know how emotional this end of pregnany up and down can be.



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  • I can totally relate too... Grrr.... c'mon babies :)
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  • I absolutely feel your frustration! I've been in the same pattern for weeks: strong, 10-15 min apart contractions at night, and then wake up feeling rested and quite well. You'd think I'd be elated to have another good night's of rest before the LO comes, but I just can't wait to meet this kid!

    And then friends and family (who really mean well), love to give unasked for advice like: "Oh, I just did such and such and went right into labor, you should try it!" No more giving advice! If you're in a giving mood, I take cash and ice cream! Big Smile

    I'm also getting induced in a couple days also (around 41 weeks), so there's hope! 

    Hang in there, and don't let anyone make you feel like you're body is somehow broken. Soon enough that kiddo will be in your arms and not in your belly!

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