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up all night peeing?

Im 37 weeks 2nd pregnancy..and like most woman im up a lot peeing at night (about 4times) last night I was up every 30-4min I dont think I slept at all. My body hurts really bad. I have so much pressure on my lower areas..butt/vagina area. My pelvis hurts so much to get in and out of bed. Im pretty sure in the last week my mucus plug has started to come out. I have a dr apt tomorrow morning for an internal, so I will know where things stand. Anyway ...anyone else peeing this much? I dont drink anything before bed to help avoid being up all night. Last night was just very odd. Not sure if its a sign that my body is getting ready. You would think I know these things since I went through it once already but honestly every pregnancy is different. Thanks for your response:)
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Re: up all night peeing?

  • Oh yes, I'm up many times each night to use the bathroom. Pretty much every time I roll over, it wakes me up enough to make it click that I need to pee. And of course every bone and joint and muscle hurts, so it's a process getting up.

    I would guess I'm up 5-7 times a night to use the bathroom.

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  • I am up every 1 1/2 to 2 hours exactly. I will sooooo not miss that. Now I will get 3-4 hours instead with the baby lol.
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  • I'm up almost every hour to pee its awful and i'm hurting everywhere too.  I've also been losing pieces of the MP this week too.  I'm hoping for an outside baby very soon but also have the mindset that it could still be a little while too.
  • Yes.  It is awful.  Last night I was up every 20-30 minutes to pee...until after the 6th time.  Then I got a couple of hours, and was up again.  I also stop drinking to try to avoid getting up, but somehow there always seems to be more pee. 
  • Yep definitely have the all night peeing going on as well.  It wasn't too bad until last night, then last night it was every hour to an hour and a half.  I definitely won't miss this.  I just hope the baby comes sooner rather than later at this point.
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  • I was just was talking about this on the FB page. EVERY NIGHT now for at least 2 months I am up EVERY hour. It is so annoying. I pee a full bladders worth every hour and my body just aches!! I am ready for normal sleep to come back :(
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  • I'm up every hour on the hour but seem to catch 2 hours from 4 am to 6 am. It sucks. I can't wait to be up for 2 hour feedings instead of peeings.
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  • Yes! it is worse if I am already having trouble sleeping... if I'm awake, I seem to need to get up more often to pee. Sounds like maybe your LO has dropped, which would put more pressure down there and cause you to pee more than you usually do
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