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Induction Options?

So my ultimate goal is a safe live birth.  I have waited to long to have this baby and I want her to be here with us in the safest and healthiest way possible.  If I need an induction which since all natural methods are failing me now, then I am for it.  If you have read my previous post you know I ride the pity party train a lot.  Well that gets me nowhere and only makes me seem like a jerk.  That is why today I have decided to really read up on what the choices are for induction so I could be the most informed and not scared or foolish and argumentative about doing what is best for my baby.  My question is what are some methods you ladies have used for induction? Did you have options (your doctor/hospital left it up to you?) My doctor and nurse gave me only one choice but now that I know of more I plan on going and suggesting it to him.  TIA 
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Re: Induction Options?

  • I was induced with Pitocin.

    My SIL was first given Cervadil, then they used a Foley Bulb to bring her to 3-4 cm, then they gave her Pitocin. She was only 1 cm when she went in, thus the extra stuff. I was already 3.5 cm when I went in and 80% effaced.

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  • There are a lot of things you can try before pitocin.

     nipple stimulation- using breast pump, Dr. could sweep membranes, break your water, foley catheter

    ETA: forgot to add that even after trying all of these, pitocin will still need to be used if you are not progressing. particularly if they break your water because once they do that, theres no going back

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  • Thanks I hope some other methods than just the pitocin or the cervidil will be used first.  I hope a membrane sweep or other method will take place and be enough,.  If not then whatever gets my little girl here safely and alive is the most important thing to me.  I don't even know how effaced or dilated I am.  I just was told that you cannot go past 41 wks.   
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  • I've read other options are having your membranes stripped which happens at your dr's office or having them break your water before doing anything else.

    And actually it depends on the dr but mine will let you go to 42 week. Really if you'd rather go beyond 41 weeks I would talk to your dr about it. My doula has told us that the typical first time mom if left alone will go 41 week and a day. I'm at 41 weeks today so hoping something gets started in the next couple of days!!

    Good luck :)

  • thanks good luck to you too.  I am going to go with whatever the doctors says in the end because even though nothing is wrong with her good weight, normal fluid levels and such everyone is pushing me to go with the doctor and bring her to this world already. 
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  • It's totally up to you but remember it is your body and your baby so don't let anyone push you to do anything you are not comfortable with!! But you are definitely doing the best thing you can by doing a little research and have some knowledge in order to make well informed decisions :)

    Oh and here are a couple of things I read just in case the baby doesn't come within the 42 weeks:



  • I was started on Cyctotec which did almost nothing, then I was given Pitocin which still wasn't really doing much, it wasn't until they broke my water that things got moving.  Good luck.
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  • I had my membranes swept at 40w2d and it did nothing for me.  I went in for my induction at 41w1d and 3cm dilated.  I was started in pitocin and progressed well through the day.
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  • The way my doctor spoke to me and made the hospital policy seem, whatever is tried had better work or else they would get her out one way or another.  I asked what he meant by that and he said c/s.  I don't even want to spell it out fully because that for me would have to a last resort and only if my baby was in grave danger.  
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  • image 35baby:
    The way my doctor spoke to me and made the hospital policy seem, whatever is tried had better work or else they would get her out one way or another.  I asked what he meant by that and he said c/s.  I don't even want to spell it out fully because that for me would have to a last resort and only if my baby was in grave danger.  

    This is part of the reason I talked to my doc about c/s before I signed on as a patient. My doctor looks at individual cases rather than applying a hard and fast rule about how long a pregnancy can last, how long a labor can last, etc. I've heard of hospital policies that won't allow women to labor longer than 24 hours - I labored almost 37 hours and had a perfectly healthy baby via vaginal delivery. I've also head of hospitals not allowing women to push for more than an hour - I pushed 3 hours before DD was born (and I could have pushed another 3 if I needed too). I suspect some of the policies are more to manage patients than to really watch out for people's best interests. They figure if you end up with a healthy baby, then all's well that end's well, even if you have a c/s. Well, I for one do not want unnecessary surgery!

    Sorry I got off on a bit of a rant there. To address your original question, one other method to help induce labor that my chiropractor recommended was acupressure. However, I'm just not sure there is much that really works to get a baby born who just isn't ready yet.  

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  • My Dr. was wonderful in recommending more natural options first for me, including acupuncture and sweeping membranes. So far, the natural options haven't kick started labor, but I appreciate that she suggested them first. I'm overdue and LO is expected to be at least 9 lbs. So, I'm opting to try a hospital induction in a couple days.

    So the plan (term used loosely) starts with the Cervadil overnight, then slowly with Pitocin. According to the hospital, I can stop at any point and go home for a few more days, unless 1) my water breaks,  2) an epidural is started, or 3) we are distress. Then it's go time.

    As long as neither you or the baby is in distress, I would fight for the option to try induction methods at your own pace. Good luck!

  • I'm surprised no one's mentioned sex!  Go get it on, LOL.  I'd probably try that and acupuncture.  Other things that may help - walking, changing altitude if there are any mountains nearby, heck, have some spicy food.  Can't hurt!

    As far as the medical options, I'd probably ask about membrane sweep, foley bulb and cervadil as better options than anything else.  I would absolutely refuse a cytotec induction.  I would also be leery of AROM (artificial rupture of membranes).  If they break your water while baby is still high, it can increase the risk of cord prolapse plus it introduces an infection risk and puts you on the clock.


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