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written agreement for sex

I haven't posted very frequently here but THIS I just had to share.

DH and I have had sex a total of FIVE times during this pregnancy.  5!!!! and 3 of those were within the 1st TRI when I had ZERO symptoms.

Despite my efforts to convince him otherwise - he believes he will hurt me or baby by invading my private space down there.

So last night I was explaining how he can help get this show on the road and told him I understand his paranoia but he needs to be a team player here.  Well he agreed to get busy at least 3 times once I hit 38 weeks.  and yes, I asked him to put it in writing.   How SAD!!

Anybody else have a single digit sex count this pregnancy??

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Re: written agreement for sex

  • I think that's normal for some- I know we have not been very active AT ALL this pregnancy- maybe 4 times? DH was worried about putting me into PTL more than anything else.
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  • I am *CONVINCED* that my OBGYN hates penis and/or sex.  At 17 weeks we were told no sex because of placenta previa.  At 28 weeks I was cleared for that condition and we were allowed to have sex.  Two weeks later, at 30 weeks, pelvic rest because of "round ligament pain".  She took me off pelvic rest for a week before PTL started. We have had sex 3 times since we were 17 weeks along.  !#$!$!#!!!
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  • Um my count is a big fat goose egg, so, yeah, you can say it's single digits.


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  • We're in the same boat - after reading the posts about bleeding and losing the MP afterwards, I was like "heck no!"

    Today, however, my dr said to get busy! Getting induced on Saturday, so DH and I have some work to do.




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  • Yup, single digits here.  I can literally count them on one hand.  I am trying to get this baby moving and he denies me sex.  What the heck?!? He tries to play the 'tired' card on me.  Im not falling for it.  I told him not to close his eyes because I will rape him in his sleep...hahahahaha!!!! 


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