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? How to relieve pelvic pain

It feels as though my pelvic bone is splitting in 2! I can't sit, lay down or stand/walk without pain. Does anyone know of any way I can alleviate this? I am willing to try anything at this point.

Re: ? How to relieve pelvic pain

  • Give birth?


    seriously though, it is just part of pregnancy :( Is it muscle pain or bone-spreading pain? A warm bath may help...

  • It's bone-spreading pain. I had it with my first pregnancy but it was never this bad.
  • I would love a warm bath.

    I always tell myself at work, "when I get home, I'm gonna pamper myself with a manicure, a nice bath, candles..." and then I get home and just sleep.

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  • I was having the same type of pain a few weeks ago.  When I went to my doctor they said it was the pain from the pelvis getting ready for childbirth, but recommended me to see a chiropractor.  I was very skeptical at first about going to the appointment, but once I got there and was examined I was told that my pelvis was twisted towards the right side. (which was why I was having so much pain in my left hip) So he twisted me back into place, and now I go back once a week just to make sure it's staying in place.  So maybe you should ask your doctor about seeing a chiropractor?  They are totally safe, and take all cautions against harming the baby.  Good Luck
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  • My cousin has been having this pain too and it was diagnosed as being for the same reason as PP mentioned (getting ready for the birth). Anyway, she ended up in ER last weekend and all they did was give her tylenol, tell her it was part of the process of pregnancy and send her away. My cousin also sees her chiropractor weekly but it doesn't help her. I hope you find some relief soon :-)
  • A maternity belt may help hold the baby up so that there isn't as much pressure on your pelvis.

    I have heard great things about chiropractic work and I am considering it for my pelvic/lower back pain.

    Warm baths help.  I feel weightless in the tub and it relieves pressure on my joints. 

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  • My Chiropractor saved me!  It hurt to bend to sit down or stand up, it hurt to lift my left to dry off from the shower!  I just hurt all the time!  Then I went to my chiropractor!  And it's still a little uncomfortable, but it doesn't hurt anymore!  Now I am doing more yoga and walks and stuff that will help with birth because I AM NOT IN ANY MORE PAIN!!!!  YAY!!!!
  • I went to the chiropractor for this when it first stated at maybe 21 weeks - he had it fixed within 2 visits. I cannot stand when people say pain like this is "just a part of being pregnant." It isn't! You don't have to suffer! At least try to find a chiropractor in your area who is experienced with pregnancy and have them check it out. Mine said that 80% of the time a chiropractor can completely resolve the symptoms for you. He also said this is a very common condition for 2nd time moms - it is a result of your pelvis not quite coming back together correctly after the first pregnancy and you don't realize it (ie, it doesn't cause pain) until you get pregnant again and things start to spread and the scar tissue that has formed won't let things open correctly. 

    FWIW - when my pain started within a matter of days I could barely walk - barely. I walk 3 miles a day now, with no pain at all.  

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  • I agree with going to the chiropractor. Mine saved my pregnancies, so I could enjoy them. My first pregnancy was fine, but the 2nd two cause a lot of pain, and my chiropractor had me visit his blog and get some tips to do at home as well.
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