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34 weeks and feel like i wont

im 34 weeks and i feel like im not gonna make it to 40 weeks. im carrying really low and have so many more aches and pains than i had with my first that was delivered at 41 weeks. i dont mind going early but i hope i make it till at least 38 or so. im worried because when im 36 weeks we have our vacation planed for a week down the shore. We booked the trip before i knew i was preggo and early on i had no fear that i would be fine. however now im worried im gonna go into labor  on the beach. Do you think ill make it? so the hospital im delivering at is two hours from beach , say i do go in labor should i try and make it to my hospital or go to the first one we can find? i guess it all depends on my labor signs . 

Re: 34 weeks and feel like i wont

  • I know how you feel. I have aches and pains, cramps and heartburn, pelvic pain and lightening crotch, walking with great pregnancy swag. I have started to drop and feel as though he could come early. HOWEVER...aches and pains in no way mean that you will go early heck you might go overdue. Every pregnancy is different.

    I hope in your case that you at least make it to 38 weeks but not over 41 weeks. lol

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  • I really don't think there is any way to predict. Lots of people think they will go early and end up being late.

    Statistically, first time moms don't deliver til 41w1d (on average; obviously, this varies). First time labours USUALLY aren't super quick, either, so getting to the hospital 2 hours away should not be an issue.

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  • sorry its not funny.. but romantic beach delivery actually sounds better than a hospital one :) good luck
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  • I would definitely ask for your dr's opinion at your next appointment.  They will probably check for dialation at 36 weeks like they do at my office and if you are dialated at all they will probably determine how they feel about your trip then. 
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