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What's everyone's thoughts on intaking coffee/caffeine while ttc?  I drink a lot of coffee and I've read it may lower your chances of conception, but haven't really seen any real evidence of this.  I cut it out for a good 3 month period and ofcourse didn't achieve anything so I've really put that thought on the back burner.   

Re: Coffee & Caffeine

  • I never did any research about it, but I didn't cut back on caffeine until I got pregnant.  Then I cut out all caffeine until about third tri.  Honestly, if you think it will help you, then keep it up. 

    Good luck TTC.  Hope you get a BFP soon!

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  • I didn't research it either and like pp I didn't cut back until I got pregnant. But, I drank a lot of caffeine before...probably 3 or so Diet Mt. Dews a day. Once I got pregnant I quit drinking it completely. Good Luck!!


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  • Thank you all for the responses.  Yeah, I don't know..I did cut it out for 3 months with no success so I just got angry and started back my coffee habit.  I will definitely cut it completely out when I get pregnant.  Thanks for the good lucks..I need them!!

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