Poll: Funny things LO does while eating

My DD has some pretty cute/funny habits and I'm curious what your LO's do.

Her favorite is to pump her upper arm like she's doing the chicken dance to the rhythm of her sucking. The other option is to put her upper hand on my boob and kind of pump along with her eating. She's only 8w, so it's not like she's figured out that pumping the breast makes the milk come faster.
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Re: Poll: Funny things LO does while eating

  • DD does tons of funny things.  Her favorite thing to do is pull on the nipple of the breast she isn't nursing from.  She also likes to stick her hands in my mouth while she's eating.  Lately she has been bouncing from breast to breast with a brief pause to play with my belly button.
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  • DD does a Jersey Shore style fist pump too.  Just in the last week, she'll pull off the boob and run the back of her hand across her mouth to wipe away the's adorable.
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  • My daughter was also a fan of the fist pump or stroking my breast as she ate.  She started to wrap her other arm around my side and squeeze my torso while she "milked me" with her other arm too.  Now, she usually grabs my bra strap and pulls it as far as it'll go, then let's is SNAP back against me.  She'll do that repeatedly while she nurses.  She also started slapping my chest really hard with her little hand, playing with my necklace, rubbing any fabric I'm wearing between her little fingers, and squeezes my other nipple in her hand.  She's a weirdo but those moments make me laugh so hard and I cherish this time with her.
  • His newest one is grabbing my nose!!
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  • The first time I ever nursed my daughter, she closed one eye and wrinkled her brow like she was really concentrating on whether this was good or not. She would nurse purposefully for a few seconds then stop, with the same expression, as if considering the task. Now she sometimes just keeps one eye if she is being sure that someone is paying attention to her, even though she is about to fall asleep nursing.
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