3rd Trimester

If you are measuring big...

When did you start measuring big/ahead? I am measuring true to my weeks at this point. With my first children I measured 2 weeks ahead and they were born 2 weeks ahead. I can't remember when they started measuring that way though. I sure would like to think this one will come a couple weeks early too, but I am doubtful.

Re: If you are measuring big...

  • I've been measuring a week ahead since I was at 33 weeks, I believe.  I'm 37, but measured at 38 at my last appt last week.  This is uncharted territory for me, because my other two boys always measured right on with my count.  I think this little guy is coming a week early. I feel it in my bones!
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  • I've been measuring ahead all along as far as I know. The first time they mentioned it was at the NT scan. They said I was about a week ahead. They said the same thing at my a/s at 20 weeks.
  • I've been measuring big 2 weeks ahead from the beginning and I am 39 weeks 1 day and little Man is not even showing signs of being readdy
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  • I too have been measuring 2 weeks bigger..They bumped my due date one week ahead...but he's still measuring 1 week bigger...I'm 37 weeks tomorrow...so He can come anytime now.. he he



  • I've been measuring ahead since my anatomy scan..approx 2 weeks ahead...or >97% for my DD
  • I've ben measuring a week ahead from about 22 weeks on. My first two I always measured small, the first was two weeks late, the second we induced on due date and my son measured on time, but was two weeks early. I don't know if it means you go early or not, but I'm hopeful this time around... :)
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  • ( checking out 3rd tri-mester as i hope to be here soon!)  

    last week at my 25 week apt. was when i started measuring ahead. I was perfect at my 21 week apt.  I was 25 weeks measuring at 27 and a few days though lol.  they only moved my due date up by two days though!
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  • With DC1 I measured right on track the whole time.

    With DC2 I started measuring ahead at 28 weeks

    28 weeks but measured 31 weeks

    30 weeks but measured 33 weeks (had growth u/s)

    Next appt is next week at 32 weeks 

    Will have another growth u/s at 36 weeks. 

  • I have almost always measure large, but this past appt was a shocker! I was 38 weeks and was measuring at 43! My dr said that it is just the way he is positioned. I have gained 27 pounds and I think 20-23 of it is in my belly, he just sticks straight out! So although measurements are a solid predictor of baby's size and due date, there are always other factors to consider. He's definitely not here yet, even though mommy is MORE than ready!
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  • I measured consistently 2-3 weeks ahead at every appt since they started measuring me. I gave birth at 40w2d to an 8lb3oz baby girl. So the measurements didn't make a difference for me!
  • I was measuring 2 weeks ahead at 25 weeks(she measured 27) but I just had an U/S last week(38 weeks) and she's measuring right on track. Estimated 7 lbs 15 oz.
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