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I'm busting (vent)

I just need to vent somewhere other than to my family.  I'm stressed to the max and I'm just barely holding it all together.  I'm suppose to be working part time, but they keep adding work, so I end up working the full 40 hours.  I'm thankful to have the extra money, but I'm lucky enough that my husband and I can afford for me to work part time.  I don't want to work those extra hours, I want to spend them with DS.  My schedule is all sorts of screwy and I don't know week to week if I'm working part time or full time, so it's hard to make appointments or do anything really.  On top of that stress, my parents are living with DH and I until they find their own place (they've relocated to help take care of DS)  Again, I'm extremely grateful that DS is at home with my Mom, but it's hard to balance a new baby, DH, a house, demanding changes at work, and having my parents literally in the room next to ours.  It's just so hard to find quiet.  Some days I find I just cry. 

Phew.  Thanks.  I needed that.

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Re: I'm busting (vent)

  • That sounds like a ahrd situation, but just remind yourself, it is temporary. Maybe talk to work and tell them you need to cut back. 40 hours is not part time.
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  • I feel for you, that is a tough situation all round.  Can you talk to them at work to say that you need to cut back on your hours for the time being?  Also, I don't mean to cause any fear (you don't need any added stress!), but sometimes big changes in life can contribute to the development of postpartum depression/anxiety.  It can come on at any point in the first year.  As someone who suffered and was diagnosed and treated myself, I read through your note and wanted to reach out a hand to let you know that it does get better (we also went through big changes - sold our house and relocated across the continent away from all friends and family).  Keep an eye on how you're feeling or talk to your DH about it.  I wish you the best of luck with everything.
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