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Team green girls...? about announcing after delivery

So are you all going to call your friends and family immediately after having the baby to tell them the gender, name, etc?  We are having a scheduled c-section (unless baby decides to come early, which is very likely) so I assume some of our family will be waiting at the hospital.  I thought instead of DH just going into the waiting room and making the announcement that we could have pink or blue candy to pass out or perhaps we could have pink and blue shirts made up in advance with the pre-chosen names on them and he could walk out in the appropriate shirt.  Maybe I'm thinking too much into this!  I think I'm actually feeling a little left out with all the gender-reveal posts today.  We had so much fun revealing DS's gender to our friends and family that I think I wanted to think of an original way to reveal the gender when this baby is born.  =P

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Re: Team green girls...? about announcing after delivery

  • I'm not team green, but IMO, I don't know what could possibly be more special than an excited husband running out of the delivery room saying "It's a boy/girl!  And his/her name is _________."  But that's just me. 

    I'm not one for pomp and circumstance.  Sometimes when we overthink things or plan the crap out of them, they lose the spontaneous element that can make them  the most exciting.

  • We were team green with our DS, while I was in recovery DH went and called our parents and one of my girlfriends (who then started the phone tree telling everyone else).  When they answered, he yelled "It's a boy!" He says that was the best and exactly how he wants to do it again.
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  • I'm pretty sure we will be calling everyone and doing the "It's a ____, named _____, and weighed ___ lbs!"
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  • I'm not Team Green, but does your family know your name options? If so, maybe DH could go into the waiting room and announce, "Baby (girl or boy name) is in the building!" Could get happiness and a laugh...
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  • We were Team Green with DD and will be this time around too. I agree with pp, I don't think you need anything cutesy for a reveal. If you have people waiting at the hospital, your DH will be so excited to run out there and share the news--that's special enough. 

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  • DH and I were team green last time and will remain so during this pregnancy. The only thing that I wanted was to announce it together. Any of our family members who were in the waiting room came into the room and we announced it to them then. I loved seeing the surprise on everyone's face.

  • I think the shirt is a super cute way to announce to the rest of the world after the main people have been told, mostly because it may be the last think you think of before he runs out to tell everyone!   We are military and won't have any family what so ever in the area when we have LO so i think our way of announcing to our parents at least will be through a text picture or DH calling saying you have your first grand daughter or grand son!  Sadly for us most people aren't going to find out from us, facebook will be our big reveal of sex of the baby lol. Thats what you get for living out of state from everyone you konw haha
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  • I'm not much of a showman either.  I believe my husband told his family and I know I called my family while we were waiting to move to another room.

    We didn't pick a name till the day we left the hospital.  I most likely texted or emailed it. 

    The t-shirt idea is cute, but that's a lot of $$ for shirts when half of them will never get worn and the other half will only get worn in the hospital to placate you. 



  • My sister opted for a unique reveal to weather I had a niece or nephew! My Brother in law of course yelled it and all but did a cartwheel down the hallway when my nephew was born. When it was my turn to come in a see the little one my sister and I took a "Hello my name is_______" sticky tag (we had a blue one and a pink one) and we wrote my nephews name and his weight underneath and I snapped a quick photo with my phone and sent the picture to all our family and friends who we had on our list to send the announcement to! I thought it was a cute way to reveal! (only if you have unlimited text messaging of course!) And all you need is a tag, a sharpie and baby! 
  • Well, surgery is at 7:30 for me, and aside from my mom and wanting to be there that early, no one else would want to.  But, my mom will be taking care of ds and my sister has 2 little ones so they can't be there waiting, so we are calling them immediately after baby is born and calling dh's parents.  As far as extended family, it'll trickle down.  I'm not making a million phone calls while in the hospital, but I know my mom will call the important people for me.  DH's side on the other hand, is weird, and who knows who will be the ones to tell them.

    But, to answer your ultimate question, we're not doing anything blue/pink.  People will be excited enough as it is to just find out if it's a boy or a girl at that point.

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  • You girls are right, I'm way over thinking it.  And the shirts wouldn't have been for everyone, just DH to wear.  I like the "My Name is ______" sticker idea for the text messages.  We might do that.  Thanks!

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  • We don't call anyone till after delivery, so no one in the waiting room.  As soon as the baby is born, we'll spend a little time with him/her, and DH usually calls our parents and grandparents during that time.  He'll say "It's a __________!  His/her name is______, she weighed ________, and was ____ inches long."  I imagine he'll take a pic with my phone and immediately email it to my parents since they are 1700 miles away and won't see the baby. Once we have let them know, we will send text messages out to others. 

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  • They have 24 hours to show up to the hospital to see the baby in person before I announce on facebook... 
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  • Team green here... We havent talked to much about the announcment. But right now I am thinking it'll go something like this....

    My best friend is going to be in the delivery room with me... she will probaby run out to the waiting room where just a few friends will be and yell Its a BOY/GIRL. Then I will probably have the hub call our families and once we have our immediate family called I will announce on FB. The hub isnt interested in being in the room bc "he doesnt want to see a St. Bernard come thru the cat door." And since we live 1700 plus miles away from our families they more than likely wont be here for when the baby is born. And I use FB as a way to comminucate to all my friends back in NY so thats how I'll tell them without having to call each one of them right after giving birth.
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    I'm not team green, but IMO, I don't know what could possibly be more special than an excited husband running out of the delivery room saying "It's a boy/girl!  And his/her name is _________."  But that's just me. 

    I'm not one for pomp and circumstance.  Sometimes when we overthink things or plan the crap out of them, they lose the spontaneous element that can make them  the most exciting.

    It's not just you! :) We ARE team green and this exact moment is pretty much the reason. DH is sooo excited for that moment, especially because we know most of our family will be there to hear it! As for family/friends that won't be there, I think we'll send out birth announcements w/ pictures pretty quickly so they will find out that way or via word of mouth (we'll call the people we're closest to and I know my big-mouthed MIL will let the family know which is fine by me).

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  • We texted a photo to our siblings and just said Marie Stella born 12:18pm.  My mom was in the delivery room and DH called his parents and said It's a girl!
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