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Due date changed

So, does that mean that instead of being 24 weeks this week, I'll be 25?  I forgot to ask my dr.  My due date was changed from Dec 20th to the 13th.  TIA!
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Re: Due date changed

  • Why would you need your doctor to tell you that? If your due date jumps a week, then of course you'd be a week further along in your pregnancy.
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  • Our due date was modified a few times and when I asked about it, I was told that the first due date they give you is most accurate.  Babies grow at different rates, just like after they're born. so the earlier the first measurements were taken, the more accurate.  I'm no expert though!  We were getting excited as our due date was moving up and then went back to sharing our original due date after the new info!
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  • My doctor had my due date in the middle of february then after my u/s moved it to March but told me to consider myself a week ahead of the "weeks pregnant" that my due date would indicate. Stick with what they told you at your very first ultrasound. That will usually be the best gauge of where you are in your pregnancy. And less than 5% of women actually deliver on their due date, so remember don't keep that number set in stone! Congrats! 
  • I've heard not to accept a new due date unless it's at least a month different.  Your pregnancy is measured from the date of your last period, so I don't know why they would change it only one week, that seems odd.  Because babies grow at different rates, it's also not very accurate to change the due date according to ultrasounds either, but do your own research and see what you find! :)  Good luck!
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