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Need Similac checks/coupons

Yes, I know there is a swap board (posted there too) but I figured I would try here also to see if I could swap coupons with someone in the metro area as it would be faster mailing and I would like to get some coupons/checks ASAP.  We have to start a trial of Alimentum due to milk protein allergy.  So far DS doesn't like the powder so thinking I may try the RTF version but both are SO expensive.  Looking for anything I can do to offset the costs, especially because he doesn't want to eat it and I end up throwing most if not all the bottle away each feeding.   :(

So does anyone have any similac checks or coupons they would like to trade/get rid of?

I have Enfamil checks, Good Start coupons, huggies coupons, Gerber food baby and toddler coupons to trade for.

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Re: Need Similac checks/coupons

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