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When did your belly start changing?

I'm new here, I'm very excited to be posting here!  I am almost 7 weeks.  For mommies that are a little further along than me, or people who have already been mommies, when did your belly start showing?  I don't necessarily mean showing to the public, but when did you yourself notice the shape of your belly was changing or notice your pants were tight?  I think I'm denial that I'm really pregnant so I want a belly so bad.  (I'm sure when I get further along, and am big and fat, I'm going to be wishing I didn't have one LOL.) 


Re: When did your belly start changing?

  • You mean the bloat isn't already making you feel like this?? Mine is... ha ha Geeked
  • I have had a few random days of bloat, but not nearly as bad as some have explained it to be. My clothes still fit the same on most days. When I do have an off day of bloat its like all over belly to a$$ bloat that just makes my jeans uncomfortable for the day. Those are the days I swear I am just going to give in and wear my mat jeans, but the next day it is gone :)

    I am about 5'6" and wear a size 4 pretty consistently. My OB said with my torso he would not be surprised if I don't show much before the 20 week mark. 

  • I could barely button my pants at 8 weeks because of the bloat and I can barely button my pants now because I've started to pop a little. At least my pants still fit the same everywhere else. The bella band is my best friend.
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  • This is my 3rd pregnancy, so I started getting a little belly at 10 weeks.  You'll find that after the first stretching of the abdominals, it doesn't take quite as long the next time...
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  • It can vary a lot from person to person.  I had to break out the Bella Band around 19 weeks when my pants started getting tight.  I could see a tiny baby bump between 21 and 22 weeks.
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  • My body changed around 8 weeks with DD. my waist thickened up and the bloat went away. By 12 weeks I had a slight little bump and my pants wouldnt button anymore. No one could really tell there was a baby bump there though until I was almost 20 weeks with DD. apparently it happens faster for #2 so we'll see!
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  • 1st pregnancy - 22ish weeks.  Bloat around 7-10 weeks, then it went back down until the baby was big enough to come up above the pubic bone & be a true "bump".
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  • I look like I have a bump right now and I can't comfortably button my pants.  It's nice to hear that the bloat goes away for a little while--I'm ready for that day to come! 2 of my friends commented on my bump today--I wish it was actually baby pushing it out!

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  • Besides bloat, I started showing with my first around 20 weeks, then more publicly started showing around 25 weeks.  Especially with your first you don't show until about half way through.  If you've been prego before, you'll show sooner because your body was already stretched out.
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  • With my first pregnancy, I didn't start showing until around 16 weeks, but I had twins.  I was measuring 4 weeks ahead at that point. 
  • 16-17 weeks when I went into maternity pants.
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  • For my first prengnancy my stomach started to grow noticeably to me at 15 weeks, but I didn't get stranger comments until at least 22 weeks.
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    I could barely button my pants at 8 weeks because of the bloat and I can barely button my pants now because I've started to pop a little. At least my pants still fit the same everywhere else. The bella band is my best friend.

    This is how I felt with my first. 

    I feel I've been showing a few weeks already with this pregnancy. I haven't brought out the maternity pants yet but I will soon.

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  • Wow, I'm only 10w4d with my first and I haven't really been able to button my pants for weeks. I had a little "pooch" to begin with but now I'm noticing my lower abdomen is getting hard and jutting out. I've been in maternity pants for a week now, and let me tell you they're the best thing invented since sliced bread.


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    I'm 13 weeks, and I noticed about 2 weeks ago that my waist is disappearing.My stomach was not flat to start with, but it was almost there. Even when I was overweight a few years ago I had a waist, though. I started having to rubber band my top button last week, and now I am wearing my "fat pants" from 2 years ago (before I lost 45 lbs). Luckily, they are still too loose in the legs! :)

    I honestly think I am the only one to see that I am obviously pregnant, but I have been getting remarks from very tactful coworkers that I am "gaining back the weight I lost." I really do want to start obviously showing so that I can feel better about myself!

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  • I "popped" at about 13 weeks. Only a few people could tell I was showing, to other people I just looked fat lol
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