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This night time gassiness is driving me crazy!

I feel so bad for DD, starting around 7 ish she starts getting pretty fussy and it just gets worse until I can finally get her to sleep around 10.  I assume its gas since she's kicking her legs out etc. and she'll have been fed recently and it doesn't help.  She will be screaming bloody murder and I give her gripe water, rub her belly, pump her legs, keep her upright etc. and none of it helps.  I don't know what else I can do.  I'm thinking of cutting out dairy for a few days to see if it will make a difference, but I feel like if it was food related she'd be miserable throughout the day, not just at night.  

She is gassy during the day, but no where near as bad as it is at night.  I end up nursing her a lot during this time just to quiet/comfort her for awhile.  I don't know what else to do.  DS I believe did the same thing, but I think I've blocked out those memories!

 Any tips?

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Re: This night time gassiness is driving me crazy!

  • DD did the same thing. I will always say the swing was my life saver. I used the vacuum cleaner too to get her to quiet down some. but mostly the swing and the mylicon drops. For some reason generics just didn't work for her. GL I hope at least one of those suggestions work.
  • Nice to know I'm not the only one!!  Colic Calm has been a lifesaver for us!!  Also, I started his bedtime routine earlier and while it hasn't eliminated the problem completely he doesn't seem to freak out as long or as often.
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  • Since it only happens from 7-10 sounds more like colic to me. Have you tried the 5 S's?
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  • i could've wrote this post word for word. my lil girl is having the same issue at the same time. its very frustrating. you feel so bad for them. hope we find a way to ease their gassie bellys.
  • How old is your baby? Around six weeks old their digestive tract is kind of finalizing in maturity. My little guy had a real tough time with gasiness around that time. The mylicon drops did nothing for him, but tummy time works wonders, and you should try gripe water. It comes in several brands, but we've used Mommy's Bliss. You can get it at the local pharmacy and it works in minutes. My little boy would be retching from the pain and I'd give him the gripe water, within five minutes he was farting and burping up a storm and feeling better soon. Also works great on hiccups. Usually takes less than 30 seconds for those to go away. It's all natural, but he doesn't like the taste, so I have to give it to him slowly, otherwise he gags. But if you're patient enough for that you're little one will get relief pretty quick.
  • I'll have to try the colic calm stuff and see if that will help.  The swing doesn't do anything,any time I set her down she'll get upset, holding her upright over my shoulder is teh only thing that will usually help, and even that doesn't always work.

     Its also not just from 7-10, thats just when its the worst.  Like, right now she woke up and is really fussy and gassy it seems, kicking around.  She usually wakes up a couple hours after her early morning feeding and is jerking around her legs and crying.  

    it sucks!

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  • It sounds more like she is overtired/overstimulated than gassy.  My DD does the same thing when she is awake too long, which often happens int he early evening when I am trying to make dinner and get it on the table, bathe the other two, read their stories and get them to bed.  Not sure how to make it better...I am usually up until 10 with #3 even though she was ready for bed long before and I am ready for a little alone time. 

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