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Bella band Size advice

I am typically about a 6/8...really felling more like an 8/10 lately.

I cant determine if I should get a Size 1 bella band or a size 2?

Any advice as to what ladies on the fence did?

Is it better to big a little larger or a little tighter?

Re: Bella band Size advice

  • I went too big on mine and it was useless. I suggest erring on the small side. They stretch and you'll probably move up to maternity in a few weeks anyway.
  • I didn't get a Bella band, I got a tummy sleeve from Motherhood Maternity.  They say they are one size fits all, and while I doubt this, it fit me fine.  I'm about a 6/8 pre-pg.
  •  Here is the main site for Bella Band with a handy little sizing chart, good luck!




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  • I have Tummy Tubes from Mimi Maternity. They are one size fits all (like the Motherhood bands). I was a size 0/2 pre-pregnancy and mine fits fine. The elastic stretches really well. It is snug without being uncomfortable.


    For the Bella Bands, I would definitely go for the smaller of the two sizes.
  • I normally am around a size 8 but pre DS was a 6.  I don't know the actual bella band size I have, but I definitely ordered bigger (and it definitely wasn't a 1).  I actually bought mine when I was 7-8 months pg and HUGE.  I needed it to hold my pants up- plus my shirts all felt short so it was more comfortble.

    now that I'm pg with #2, I fold the bella band in half to hold up pants that are too big or too small.  (inside my pants, then bend the top half over the outside of the waistband.)

    if you order a band that is too small it has a tendency to bunch up.  you also won't get much use out of it.

  • You should see if there's a maternity/baby boutique in your area that sells them.  That's what I did and they have samples out to try on. 

    Also, I wear size 2, and got the size 1 bella band.  I don't know if I have as much room to grow as I thought.  I might go for the size 2 bella band if I were you.  (I could see getting a size 2 later in my pregnancy)

  • I am the same size as you and feeling the same size :) I went with the smaller one. I was going to go the mid size and the girl at the store told me not to and I am soooooooooo glad I went with the smaller on. I was able to try them on at the store also. The girl at the store said it shouldn't be so tight that you can't breath but you want it to be snug so you can unbutton your pants. Also I don't know if some one has told you but the trick is to put the band on then your pants then fold the band in half over the buttons. It was news to me!!!! Hope it helps, I love mine.
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