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Anyone taking anti anxiety medications?

I'm curious what you are on and what dosage?  How is it working for you??

I've been so stressed lately that it's taking a toll on my health and I'm considering calling the doc to try something.  Would love to hear your experiences. 

Re: Anyone taking anti anxiety medications?

  • I take Lexapro, I think 30 mg. It helps a lot.  Wellbutron is another good one, that has very few side effects and comes in generic.  I think it's a wonderful idea to speak to your doctor.  Keep in mind that it takes a week to two weeks for those meds to kick in.  If the one you are on isn't working, there are lots of types out there.  GL!
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  • I am on sertraline (Zoloft) 25mg.  I had been on it before I was pregnant and made it almost all the way through pregnancy w/o it, but my anxiety changed during the last few weeks so I went back on it.

    For me it works really well- definitely helps me stay rational and I have only really had one anxiety attack since I've been back on it.

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  • I'm on Zoloft, started at 25 mg, then gradually increased to 100 mg.  I was diagnosed with PPD/PPA about 3 months post partum.  Honestly, I resisted going on medication because I thought it would mean all kinds of things: that I wasn't a good mom, that I would be judged in every interaction with the baby, that the side effects would make me a zombie, etc.  Going on meds was the best thing I could have done.  I'm like a different person now - like I was before I had the baby.  In the first few months after the baby I was riddled with anxiety and insomnia and now I can concentrate, enjoy things and just be relaxed.  I haven't experienced many side effects and I'm not at all dazed or a zombie.  I feel like I should have gone on the medication earlier because I feel like I missed out on all that time with my DD.  My doctor was very practical about it, he said "look, if you came in with pneumonia we would treat it, why is this any different?"
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  • I'm on Zoloft. 75mg/daily.

    I love it. I do. I had never taken anything before and my dr. suggested I begin taking it 4 wks before I gave birth to fend off any PPD/PPA. We knew it was pretty inevitable that I would have it (extenuating circumstances) and it was some of the best advice I've ever taken. I started out at 25mg and worked my way up to 75mg and it's the best dosage for me. I just feel *normal* now. And it's a relief!

  • I'm on Klonapin. .5 mg am and .25 mg pm.  Works great for me.
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  • sertraline/Zoloft is a great choice, very little enters the breastmilk if you are breastfeeding.
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  • Lexapro 20mg... It is helping :)
  • Zoloft changed my life. I took it prior to pregnancy and am back on it now for anxiety.


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