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Best way to pump at work...?

I'm thinking ahead & trying to come up with the best way to pump at work. My friend that pumps told me to expect to pump 2-3 times per work day for approx. 30 minutes each session.Here's the dilemma: I don't have an office, so no privacy. We don't have a designated space for pumping. The options I've thought of so far:A- pumping in the storage room. It would be private & has electrical outlets. However without computer or phone access I would be just sitting there unproductively the whole time. B- Pumping at my desk while wearing some sort of cover up? Would this even be feasible? Would it be embarrassing or too loud? I would prefer to continue working while pumping & could change/prep in the storage room then come back to my desk. What do you do? I'm curious how this is handled in other offices. Since this has never come up before at my office I don't know what is reasonable for me to expect/suggest.ETA: I thought of another option. C- We have a break room with a door & a phone. It probably wouldn't be a big deal to "close" the break room to our other 3 employees a few times a day. I would have privacy & could still take phone calls. Also, I fully expect my employer to accommodate me without issue. I just want to come up with the best option because they will likely agree with whatever I suggest. 

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Re: Best way to pump at work...?

  • I don't know what your work environment is like or your co-workers, but I would Never be comfortable pumping at my desk.  I work with mostly men, but would feel the same even if it was other women.  I don't even want people to hear me pumping, it does make noise.  You should ask your work for accommodation, can you borrow an office?  Could they provide a laptop for pump time?  FWIW my work does have a designated lactation room, but its basically an empty closet, so nothing to do in there either.  I pumped twice a day for 15 mins/each time.  I stayed an extra half hour per day to make up for it.  I used my time to check FB on my phone, play games on my phone, or read a book.  I am planning to get a kindle soon so I will bring that with me when I pump for LO2.
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  • I pump at my desk in my classroom (I can lock my door) but I wouldn't pump at my desk in an office with other people around. The noise is annoying and everyone would know.

    Ask your manager to provide a private, clean space. It's a law.

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  • I was pumping in a conference room that was booked by my boss 3x a day until she stopped booking it for me.  The door didn't look and pretty much only stayed shut if a wedged a chair behind it.  My other option is her office when she's not here, but I can't reach the the "crank" to be able to close her blinds.

    I now pump in my car...I have dark tinted windows plus the window shades in the back seat.

    I would think pumping at your desk would not be an option at all because even if you were fine with...I doubt the people around you would be.

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  • I think the break room option seems reasonable, but I would never take phone calls while pumping because of the noise.  One time at home I did talk to my mom while pumping and she asked what the noise was.
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    I think the break room option seems reasonable, but I would never take phone calls while pumping because of the noise.  One time at home I did talk to my mom while pumping and she asked what the noise was.

    Good to know, I've never seen/heard a pump in action so I didn't know what to level of noise to expect.


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  • I'd go with option C and request a laptop (worst case is they'll say no and you'll have to entertain yourself and work late - you won't get fired for asking).  I am lucky and have my own office, but I'm still getting this security bar because the door doesn't lock.  I will also have to figure something out to block the window (probably cardboard or some posters).
  • I would actually go with the storage room.  Unless you get a hands-free attachment, it's not like you're going to be able to do a lot of work while you're pumping anyway. 

    I would (and did) take that time to just relax.  It will also help your milk production to be thinking about your baby and relaxing rather than trying to type work emails while pumping.

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  • I pumped three times when I was still bf'ing dd.

    I had to do it in a supply closet and with no computer. I found alternative things to do. I taught myself how to crochet, read a book/magazine or sometimes just shut my eyes. I used it as a time to just get "away" from work for 15 minutes.

    My pump was loud and I work in an office of all women. I still didn't feel comfortable doing it with a cover b/c my pump was loud and we have cubicals so it might have been possible for another co-workers client to hear it over the phone.


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  • Sounds like the storage room would be the least disruptive and most comfortable for you.  You may not need 30 minutes three X a day.  I did 2X, about 15 minutes each.  I did not work while I was doing it.  I preferred to focus on pumping and getting it done.

  • i pump at my desk in an office that department space that i share with 20++ co-workers. I just cover myself with a nursing cover and pump away while i work. My cooler is on my desk too so its very easy for me to store the milk that i have expressed. Plus i just put my pump parts in a ziploc container and then unto my cooler for the next use. i just wash and sterilize at home every night.

    Good thing my co workers are very supportive of me and that they are already used to the  humming sound of the pump, and the occassional boob farts (LMAO!).


    Good luck with your decision, but just wanted you to know that usually, it is easier than we expect it to be.


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  • I got a hands free bra and pump in the car on my way to work and on my way home.  At lunch time, I go out to my car after I eat and pump and call DH to see how his day is going.  I just keep a nursing cover in my car.  It works for me.  We have a small office too and its all cubicles.

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    I got a hands free bra and pump in the car on my way to work and on my way home. 

    Wow, that's talent!

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