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Beyond my limits?

I've always been a very independent person and have been very bummed out by not being able to do everything that I "should" be able to.  However, I feel that some people think I'm completely handicapped and doing things that are unsafe for baby.  Maybe I'm wrong.  A very good example is: I'm 37 weeks and still extremely mobile.  I don't waddle, still slightly flexible and have a good handle on my balance, regardless of tummy size.  However, I'm also short and in my office I need to step up on a chair to reach many things.  My office lady says something to me EVERY time I do this.  Am I wrong and putting my baby in danger?  In my head if I can't step up onto a chair then I should also not be permitted to cimb stairs.

Re: Beyond my limits?

  • Eh, they are just watching out for you. God forbid you were to fall. A non-pregnant person falling is one thing, but a preg woman falling can be a little more serious.  I have climbed onto chairs recently, but not as much. My balance is a little off from being so big. Plus, I may break the chair...

    Honestly, if someone is willing to do that stuff for you, let them. 

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  • Regardless of how mobile you still are, your center of gravity has shifted dramatically. A little step stool is probably not such a big deal, but standing on a chair requires significantly more balance. When you climb stairs or step up on a low step stool, you're not shifting your balance that much and you can easily steady yourself with a wall or a hand railing. A chair is quite a bit higher...so unless you're still skipping up the stairs two and three at a time, I'd let some one else do the climbing for you ;)
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  • Like the previous posters said, it's a matter of your balance being very different now than it was before. I use small step stools at work and get similar comments but I don't think I would stand on a chair at this point. If you fall off, you could injure yourself and the baby- is it really worth it?

    Have someone bring your items closer to you at this point. You shouldn't have to stand on a chair at work to reach things- pregnant or not.

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  • This kind of crap drives me nuts, too.  Just because your center of gravity has shifted doesn't necessarily mean that you are not strong enough to compensate for that - especially if you have a strong core.  Plus, your "shift" has been a gradual process and your muscles have been constantly adapting and strengthening to accommodate this. 

    We don't know you, so we can't really tell you what your limits are.  You need to listen to your body first and foremost because no one else actually knows what is ok for you to do - their comments are based on their own opinions.  Also, let's be realistic - especially on the job, they are more worried about liability and covering their own asses than anything else.

  • That's funny, I am a photographer and was doing a wedding a couple days ago, the bride wanted a couple pictures from above, so I just climbed up a tree and took the shots from there :)  I am sure  I looked pretty silly, but I think we all know our limits.
  • I climb on chairs too; I have more difficulty bending over to pick things off the floor than any balance issues. I don't think you're being risky at all.
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