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I'm normally pretty sane and rational...

Really, I am.  I think it's a combination of factors that is completely, irrationally, freaking me out today.  Hormones?  Weather forecast? Conversation with my mother? Anticipation of this baby finally being here?

The issue is that I live in Southern Maryland, on a peninsula. This morning, forecasters started all their Hurricane Irene talk, which predicts the center of the storm will hit here as a Cat 1 on Sunday morning.  Normally, this doesn't bother me - I've been through several hurricanes, consider myself relatively well-prepared, etc.  Then Hurricane Mom struck - she and my dad are flying in from SoCal on Saturday, and she's freaking out about this storm.  I spent an hour this morning trying to convince that it's still early, and there's no way to know whether the predicted storm track is right, or that it would still be that strong by the time it did get here. Then she dropped the bomb - but what if you go into labor?  There's no way you'll be able to get an ambulance.  How will we get you to the hospital???

I faked rational for the rest of the phone call, but have been pretty stressed about it ever since.  I know that the stars would have to align just right for this to even be an issue, but now I feel like a head case.  Crazy worried that I would be 5 days before my due date without a way to get to the hospital.  I generally subscribe to the "if you can't control it, don't stress about it" philosophy, and know that I can't control a hurricane or the timing of LO's birth. But at the same time, I can't help obssessively checking the weather forecast.

Starting to feel like I have a one-way ticket on the Crazy Town Express.  Please, someone help me restore my normal, sane, rational self again!!! Confused

Re: I'm normally pretty sane and rational...

  • If it becomes a serious enough threat do you think you could stay at a hotel for a couple nights until it 'blows over'?

    I'm usually not too worried about stuff like that either but I guess if I knew for a fact that it was coming my way I'd try to make other plans just in case.


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  • I'm kind of in the same boat, except I've never been through a hurricane and I'm right outside of NYC. I live up on a palisade so I'm not worried about a storm surge or coastal flooding at my house BUT the two hospitals that I could go to would be flooded if it hit here. Plus, I have placenta previa so I can't just labour at home and wait it out. I've already had a bleed and am expected to have another within the next week or two.

    I've decided that I am avoiding my worry wart mom's phone calls until everything has blown over because I'm doing my best to not worry myself to death!

    So, deep breath and let's forget about Irene until at least Thursday.

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  • Being a native of Miami, I've lived through a million (or so it feels) hurricanes. I am also in your shoes in that I live a couple miles south of Washington DC and in most of the projected paths they keep showing on TV. I have a doctor appointment on Friday and plan on asking my ob/gyn what she suggests. Not only is there the "how will I get to the hospital?" scenario to worry about, but the pressure that is involved with hurricanes is known for making pregnant women either accelarate or go into some type of labor. That is the part that is freaking me out just because I am so close to my due date and have been feeling contractions here and there already. My mom was pregnant with my little brother during Hurricane Andrew and she didn't go to the hospital, but said she felt him drop and knew it 100%. That was about a week before he was born. I would definitely call your doc if it's something you're really worried about and see what they suggest.
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  • Are you sure it wasn't my mom that called you?  She also has a habit of freaking out about things, leading me to freak out about things.

    Make sure you have some supplies - extra food, water, etc.  Maybe bookmark some sites about homebirths, just in case.  Stick out tongue

    I can't make fun of you too much.  I'm technically not due for about 2 weeks, but the thought of trying to get to the hospital this weekend has me a little nervous.

    Happy Spring!.
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  • I'm also in MD and am not too worried about it. By the time the hurricane gets to use, it might only be strong rainstorms. There is very little possibility that it will be severe enough to block ambulances, etc. I'm even sure you'll be able to drive yourself.

    If you think about it, Isabel from several years ago wasn't even that bad and people could still get around okay.


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  • Thanks everyone!!  Glad to see I'm not the only one sweating this a little!  Started having some pretty significant and regular contractions this morning, so hoping that maybe we'll meet little one before it hits.  Good luck to you all, and be safe!
  • I feel you on this one... Of course first a earthquake now a hurrcane, I'm for sure going to go into labor in the middle of it!  My hubby laughs at me, but everything has happened to us at the most inopportune times, so I'm just waiting for

    Your not alone in the freak out :)

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