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Pelvic pain and sore tailbone..ouch!

Feels like each day its getting worse.. Get cramping alot during the day.. last couple mornings they were really strong.. last night I had bad pains that that felt like I could feel myself dilating almost all night. and today it feels like ive bruised my tailbone.. and it hurts to do anything.. Hope this means she is coming soon.. gets worse everyday.. Got a Doctors appointment tomorrow..

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Re: Pelvic pain and sore tailbone..ouch!

  • Ouch!!  I tend to have more issues at night.  If I keep moving, I'm fine, but when I sit or lay for more than an hour or two, my tailbone gets crazy sore, and seriously will not support me when I stand.  The other night DH had to carry me to and from the bathroom. 

    Talked to chiro yesterday, and he said he suspects that the ligaments are getting so loose that when I don't use them for awhile (i.e., laying or sitting without motion), they kinda go limp and take re-energizing before they can support me again. 

    His suggestion - don't sit still or lay too long, get up and move around a little at least every couple hours.  Lots of stretching - it's hard, but I find I can get a pretty decent stretch if I get on all fours on the floor and do pelvic tilts and leg raises and things like that.  Also, when I sit, I find that it helps to sit kind of further forward in the chair and then roll my pelvis back a little. Seems to take a lot of pressure off my tailbone and give some relief to the ligaments.

     Good luck!!!

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