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We haven't had one of these in a while so I thought I'd see how you ladies are doing.

~Any strong feelings towards boy or girl?

~How's the nursery coming along?

~Are there any Team Green ladies that have had their LO's?

I am CONVINCED that this is a boy. Not sure why, I just think I know. I didn't have strong feelings one way or the other until a few days ago. Let me tell you I will be SHOCKED if this is a girl...but what a fun surprise to have, right?!

I have our nursery half done. I am going to buy the bedding and wall decor once we know. I just am not a fan of decorating neutral. Maybe I'm not creative enough. LOL

I have my RCS scheduled for 9.2.11...10 more days until I meet LO! I am so excited!!

Hope you all are doing well! We are almost done!!!


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  • ~Any strong feelings towards boy or girl? I'm also convinced LO is a boy, even though I've had dreams about both. The funniest thing is that during our Maternity Pics, I had the photographer take a picture of my bump with our boy name spelled out in wooden blocks and then our girl name. So I can frame whichever one LO ends up being. Well when we put the boy name up, the baby went crazy! The blocks kept falling off and LO would not settle down. When she put the blocks on my belly for our girl name, absolutely no movement. We were cracking up!!

    ~How's the nursery coming along? Nursery is completely done. Last thing we had to do was setup the video monitor and DH did that this past weekend. Now we're just

    I had my 37 wk. appointment today, and they scheduled the rest of them, all the way out to 40 weeks. Umm, crazy! I cannot wait to meet this LO!

  • ~Any strong feelings towards boy or girl?
    I seriously keep going back and forth.  For the longest time I was convinced that I'm having a boy.  For about the last week or 2 I've been thinking girl.  Who the heck knows!

    ~How's the nursery coming along?
    It's painted and waiting for the trim to get painted.  The carpet will be installed by early next week and we will get everything set up.  We're saving some of the decorating until after we find out boy or girl.

    ~Are there any Team Green ladies that have had their LO's?
    Not be but my RCS is scheduled for September 7 at 7:45am, 2 weeks from tomorrow!

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  • I have no feelings either way, DH thinks girl 100% tho. Actually so does my stepdad and step sister, and many of my coworkers.

    Nursery is being painted after LO so it can be gender specific. We have the dresser, and crib, and glider, but having a hell of a time finding an espresso shelf that is not crap (DH says no to ikea)


    Lucky you on meeting LO!! I am SOOOOO ready, but I have almost 4 weeks to go!!

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  • ~Any strong feelings towards boy or girl? -Not really.  I feel like it changes every day sometimes I think boy other times girl.  My step mom in law said boy this weekend because of how I'm carrying but I don't buy any of the old wives tales.  I have a short waist so I don't see where else the baby would go.

    ~How's the nursery coming along?  Have to find a curtain to cover my doorless closet, a valance for the window and replace plain shade with room darkening shade.  A friend just offered a hand me down glider so I'm hoping it will fit in my small room.  Have to frame two prints and I think that is it. 

  • Feelings: I am still thinking boy, but I have been going back and forth a lot. I had a very clear girl dream the other night where I was lifting her out of the carseat & she had my eyes. It was awesome - but I still expect that I will be having a boy

    Nursery: Is complete for as far as we are doing it now. I am waiting on a backordered bookshelf (due in mid Sept) and we are doing the curtains after we know the sex of the baby (to girlify the room if needed)

    **I have been in early labor for a week now, with contractions every day - some mild, some stronger, but not enough to push me into true when I wake up every morning I kind of hope that today is the day**

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  • I tend to think boy. No real reason besides the fact that 95% of the predictors around me say boy. I'm telling myself it's a boy so that if it's a girl I'll be thrilled to pieces and surprised. Wink

    Nursery's as done as it will be. I want to organize more/differently, but am stuck on bedrest. My mom put stuff away so it at least looks nice, but it will continue to be a work in progress after baby arrives. We have the furniture and everything, and it's painted, so it looks nice, but it's not "done" necessarily.

    At our midwife appointment today, they're going to have me schedule an induction for sometime next week. Eeeeeep! 

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  • I seem to be back at boy as of late. It also seems that everyone around me thinks boy lately too. It was what my initial feeling was, but then around 20 weeks I started to doubt feeling that way and started to think girl. I really go back and forth on the subject, and I really don't like telling people IRL what I think it is because I know they will judge if I'm wrong. I would be so devestated if people thought that I wasn't happy with what I ended up having because that SO is not the case!

    My nursery is complete and I absolutely love it. Theres a link in my siggy that has pictures of it on my blog. All that is left to do now is put away all of the clothes! I can't get over the wardrobe this LO already has! I never would have expected that being TG and all.


  • ~Any strong feelings towards boy or girl? -For the 1st and 2nd trimesters, I was convinced it was a boy.  Since then, pretty sure it's a girl.  Don't know why, something just changed.  When I think about baby, it's always a girl; as I'm looking at announcements, I tend to be more drawn to the girl ones.  Maybe it's just because we are sure what it's name will be if a girl, and not quite so sure for a boy. I'm so excited to find out - due date is next week, but today have really been feeling baby lower with lots more contractions, so hoping it'll be sooner.

    ~How's the nursery coming along?  -Getting there, at least as much as it can be.  It's painted, the furniture is all in and arranged, except for the crib, which is on backorder til October.  About half the stuff is put away.  We need to anchor the bookcase (made painfully obvious by today's earthquake) and hang a few paper lanterns, put the rest of the clothes and blankets away.  And, of course, put some pics on FB tonight so my family will quit pestering me!!

  • Can I still participate even though my baby is on the outside now??

    ~Any strong feelings towards boy or girl?  I always thought from the beginning that LO was a girl even though everyone else told me I was having a boy.  I ended up being right!

    ~How's the nursery coming along?  Despite having an outside baby, it's still not done yet.  I mean it is for the most part, but I have a little odds and ends I want to add.  The good thing about waiting til the baby came was that I get to add a few girlie touches and not everything is gender neutral.

    ~Are there any Team Green ladies that have had their LO's?  Me!!  Lucy is 2 weeks old today and we got to celebrate by having an earthquake!!


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  • ~Any strong feelings towards boy or girl? Not really. I'm still thinking boy because all of my friends, within the last 3 years, have had girls. Someone's bound to have a boy, right??


    ~How's the nursery coming along? Our nursery is painted and has a changing table and crib. We are waiting until this LO is born to finish so that it can be gender specific. I'm thinking that he/she will be sleeping in our room for at least the first month, so we'll have time to get everything done.

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  • Any strong feelings toward a boy or a girl? I thought LO was a boy for the first month or two, then I switched to girl and I really felt it was a girl for the last few months.  I was right.

    Nursery progress? The nursery is pretty much done.  I need to hang a few pictures my mom just bought and buy a curtain rod to hang the valance.

    Any outside babies? Me!  Kailyn was born August 6, at 36w1d.

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