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mini boden clothes--do they run big or small?? nft

Re: mini boden clothes--do they run big or small?? nft

  • Girls jammies and dresses run true to size.  We're just in 6-12 mos dresses now. 

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  • I only have a few things but I find they are true to size.  G is in a 3t pair of shorts right now and she wears 3t in baby gap, carters, etc. 


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  • We buy a ton of Mini Boden.  For us (boys clothes) they run a little big.  My boys typically wear 5/6, but in their Boden clothes they can still fit in to 4/5.

    I just bought my first items for baby Tessa, so I can't speak of the sizing for infants yet. 

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  • I find their girl's stuff to run a little bit big on Eliza.
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  • They seem to run pretty true to size. Love them!
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  • I guess I'm an anomaly but I've always found they seem to run quite big.  My older daughter is small but not tiny -- she's always been 50th percentile in height and 25th percentile in weight and the clothes run HUGE on her which means we end up getting a lot of wear out of them.  I've never bought the pajamas but have bought dresses, pants, shirts and sweaters.
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  • DS just got a bunch of Mini Boden shirts in size 1 1/2-2 years and they fit just right after washing (they did shrink a little).

    He is on the small side, 24.5 pounds at 21 months and (I think) 33 inches. HTH!

    After 7 failed IUIs, IVF w/ ICSI worked!!

    I am thankful every day for my miracle after infertility.

    And thrilled to be pregnant again after FET!

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