3rd Trimester


This is my 3rd child and I've had no history of preeclampsia and no high blood pressure so far...But the past 4 days I've had Severe headaches and sometimes dizziness with Nausea like no other! I've been having bad cramps every now and then but not to severe to go to ER. Which could be BH. Should I be concerned? Or its this normal? Should I just take a tylenol? I will be 36 weeks tomorrow. thanks in advance :)



Re: Preeclampsia?

  • yes, if you have a headache you should take some Tylenol.  if it doesnt' go away , then i'd be more concerned.  i had pre-e w/ my son and other signs are "floaters" (white spots) in your vision and a sharp pain under your R rib cage.  also, swelling but i never had that.  

    w/ the nausea and Braxton hicks it sounds like you could just be overdoing it or dehydrated.   drink a ton of water and lie on your left side and see if that helps.  good luck! 


  • Regardless, you should call your doctor.
  • Well I have preaclamspia. Those effects doesnt sound to much of preaclamspia but since you have a history of it you should go get it check out. You just never know. Plus we know preaclamspia is nothing to play with at all. Best wishes lady. You will be fine.
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