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I'm huge and have 6 more weeks! (vent)

These past few weeks I have really grown.  My belly is so big that I can hardly bend over to do anything.  I am getting BH often and it is getting more uncomfortable.  I can't get off the couch without leaning over and rolling.  I'm up every hour throughout the night going to the bathroom. 

I just needed to vent a little... anyone else feeling very uncomfy?

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Re: I'm huge and have 6 more weeks! (vent)

  • I am not yet, but I certainly was when I was close to delivery with my other two!
  • Girl I feel your pain!! I'm on the same boat as you!!! I feel like an Oompa Loompa..lol it's just towards the end of your pregnancy.



  • Yes, 8 weeks to go and counting down!  Feeling like DH doesn't quite understand the kind of uncomfortable the end of pregnancy brings! 
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  • Yes, mostly because holding my toddler while bending over to pick anything up seems nearly impossible and I wonder how I am going to be able to manage in a few weeks.
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  • I have really been feeling this way today!!! I was going to post but I'll just commiserate with you. It really hit me today when I was sitting around in my underwear (since I've already grown out of ALL my maternity pants) and DH was looking at my belly and made a funny face. "Uh oh..." he said. Immediately I freaked out and asked him what was wrong. He said, "Oh nothing, just looks like you've got a couple stretch marks coming in here." AHHHH just last week my doctor was looking at my belly and complimented how nice my skin looked!! I didn't even notice because they are wayyy under the belly where the sun don't shine. I started crying, silly I know, so DH decided he would take me out to dinner to make me feel better. We go to our favorite Mexican restaurant and the guy says, "So it's twins right?" Uhh no, just one... "You sure?" Way to make me feel so much better. Also, twice in the past week I've gotten "Any day now, huh?" Uhhh no, I've still got 5 or 6 weeks but thanks for making me feel awesome! 

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  • Oh yeah. I'm carrying a big basketball belly and he's all out in front - it feels like I have half a beach ball taped to my stomach.

    I had to kneel down at work the other day to get something from the bottom of a cabinet of shelves, and honestly didn't think I was going to be able to stand up again. I had to grip the doors to the cabinet for support and pull myself up. That could have ended badly for me if I had pulled the entire cabinet on top of myself! But I seriously would have had to spend the rest of the day on the floor otherwise.

    Come on, October 1st! 


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  • I measured 40cm last week (basically term) but still have several weeks left to go...I'm not sure where I have left to grow I can feel them on my cervix and one has already popped a rib out of place but when my belly is bopping around and I'm feeling super uncomfortable I just remember that 1) atleast they aren't screaming yet and I can still hear the tv 2) as uncomfortable as I am now, I know I'd be MISERABLE watching them whisked away to NICU tomorrow...
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  • Yep, I felt that way around 35 wks, or so... I'd like to say it gets better.... But... It does (at least for me) tapper off a little, of course he isn't here yet so he could still grow more I guess, but My belly doesn't seem too much bigger and the only weight I've put in is water weight in the past two wks or so.
  • Im right there with you, a week ago at 27wks I was measuring 35wks in belly size with twins. I feel like I'm ready to have the babies bc of my size but I still have a way to go! Be thankful with one baby you probably won't measure much if any over 40wks, lots of moms on the multiples board measure way past 40wks by the time DOB comes along. I'm up every hr to pee and switch side bc my hips hurt so bad and also can't bend over, I had a hard time putting sox on the other day :( hang in there sounds like you are getting close at least! :)
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  • I'm with you!! I have to flip on all fours to get out of the bathtub. That's all I have to say about that.

    I also feel like in the last week there was a significant change in my discomfort level.


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  • Yes ma'am! I'm there too.  Everyone tells me all the time how big I am, then look all shocked when I tell them I still have 2 months to go.  Sitting on the couch has just become totally uncomfortable because I'm so short waisted that it feels like LO is going to just pop right out of my side.  Ready for October!
  • Yep, same here.  I've been having BH daily and they seem to be getting more and more uncomfortable.  I feel like the "awww, she's so cute pregnant" days are gone and hello, "wow, you're still pregnant?" days are here.  When I'm getting ready for work, nothing fits or looks right so I'm changing like 4 or 5 times, which zaps my energy before I even get on the road in traffic!  Please let these next -6 weeks go lightening fast! Big Smile
  • YES!  I have 6 weeks left too and I have been feeling like crap all of a sudden!
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