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never again....[vent]

Never again am I spending a weekend with my IL.Never again am I traveling with a baby under the age of one. I felt so helpless when she was crying on the plane. We live on O'ahu & had to fly out to the island of Hawaii for my brother-in-law's wedding. I didn't want DD to go over with DH because she's young but he insisted because his family hasn't seen her. So, I went with them this weekend & I'm glad I did because if I didn't...she would have been more miserable than she was. While we stayed with his family, DD was so confused & a little afraid of all these people coming up to her wanting to pick her up. And when they would take her from me, she would scream [she's really attached to me] & all they would do was laugh at her. It upset me a lot because they weren't understanding & didn't comfort her. Besides just laughing at her while she cried...they'd also call her spoiled. She's not spoiled....she's just confused & afraid. Ugh! Sorry if this is a ramble.I just needed to get this off my chest.

Re: never again....[vent]

  • my in-laws are the same way. DS is starting to cry when MIL has him, but she fights about giving him back because she "likes to hear him cry" because "it's just a phase" or "he's too attached" to me, or "it's good for him to cry".

    give. me. my. child.

    I sympathize. At least it's over :-/

  • or my fave i get is "he's alright"  aag, if I can hear him screaming through the monitor then, no he;s not allright.

    sorry you had such a crummy time with the family. 

  • ugh...they gave me the "oh...she's fine" line too. umm...hello! when i see tons of tears rolling down her red face...i don't think she's alright. they think because they've been around babies that they know everything. i'm soooooo happy everything is over.thanks for reading my vent. Smile
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