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dream feeding?

what actually is dream feeding?  Is it when DC is still sleeping and I try and get him to feed or is it ME who is sleeping?

DC is fast asleep but I think he'll be up in an hour or so and I want to go to sleep uninterupted for a change and will try most anything to coax a few more hours out of him

Re: dream feeding?

  • I was under the impression that it was you trying to feed baby when he/she is still sleeping.  I did this early on b/c it helped me get some sleep after staying up at night when he'd fall asleep.  I also do the mom-is-half-asleep feedings.. :)
  • i already fall asleep while feedng him, I was hoping for something new to add to my arsenal of night time feedings

    Gah, why am i nesting I need sleep!

  • DS wakes up to be fed once a night, but he only halfway wakes up. I know what he wants, so I just feed him before he's fully conscious, then he goes right back to sleep. It's done wonders for my sanity, and he sleeps MUCH better now--he never naps during the day (maybe two 15 minute naps) so he needs to sleep at night.
  • Hmm...I don't have any ideas.  I finally gave in to co-sleeping so I could sleep better.  There are some mornings I wake up and honestly am not sure if he woke up to eat, or if I dreamed it.  Haha...

     Go to sleep, the nest will be here tomorrow :)

  • it's worked for me when i tried it. She was asleep in her crib. I noticed she hadn't awakened and it had been almost 5 hrs. DH and I were staying up that night so I decided to do the dream feed thing. I picked her up out of the crib and roused her just with the bottle until she would feed. She never opened her eyes and drank a feeding's worth. She slept till 8 in the morning......about a total of 10 hrs.
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