3rd Trimester

What happens when DH names the baby.....funny!

So i was sitting by the pool in our apartment complex and a guy was there with his 3daughters. They were young, maybe aged 3-9ish, and the oldest girl asked if there is a baby in my belly. So of course i said yes, and let them touch it and feel her  moving, then they get in the pool to play.

So, Dad comes over to me as im flipping through my baby name book and strikes up a conversation. I ask him what his girls' names are, and he tells me. Then he says "Yea, the little one is our last, so my wife let me name her since we agreed that i would get to name a boy, but we never had one. I named her Madeline...feminine enough for my wife, and when she starts playing sports i can stand on the sidelines yelling 'Go Mad Dog!'" lmao! Men....

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Re: What happens when DH names the baby.....funny!

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