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Im confused about my due date

Okay. I just had my first ultrasound on wed. and they said the baby was measuring at 8 and a half weeks. She said I was now 8 weeks and 3 days. I marked down on the calendar my first day of my last cycle to the day. June 14th. So my midwife originally gave me a due date of March 20th which would have made me 9 weeks 1 day last wed when I got the ultrasound. I know that I could have only conceived on July 1, 2 or 6th. I wrote it on the calendar. Thats all fine and dandy that I am now considered 8 weeks and 3 days as of wed BUT what I dont understand is why did they move my due date to the 28th of march? That would have set me back 8 days and not 5 like they said. Can anyone figure this out????

Re: Im confused about my due date

  • I have no clue how they figure these things out with their wheel that they use or whatever. I do know that they assume that everyone ovulates on day 14 of their cycle, which isn't usually true. So that could account for the 3 day difference that you are talking about.

    But, I'd just go with the flow. A due date is really arbitrary anyways, your baby is going to come when its ready! :) Maybe just ask them next time you go in, or call the office or email if you are really concerned about it.

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  • I know I should just go with it but the only thing is, I dont know what week I am  always in if there is a 3 day difference. Its so fun to see each week about the baby's size and development and now I dont know what to go with. I think Ill just stick with the 8 week 3 day thing and like you said, forget about the due date. :)
  • My LMP was also June 14th. I ovulated late and even my us showed I should be due about 5-6 days later, but since its less than a week they won't change it. So I'm still due march 20th. Like PP have said. Due date off by a few days is meaningless. I'm just going by what my OB chose to go by. Nugget will be here when he/she is ready :)
  • weird. Mine was only off by 5 days and they changed it by knocking it back 8 days???
  • I am 9 weeks either today or tomorrow.  The u/s tech went with 9 weeks tomorrow, but one of the measurements came back a day early.  My LMP started sometime around June 14th.  That said, with me being 9 weeks tomorrow, it is consistent with conception around July 1st, which makes sense to me.  Keep in mind that actual conception is 1-2 days after sex, so it could be right.  Regardless, very few people deliver on their due date, so I would just go with you being due sometime around the 25th of March (averaging the 2). 
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  • It's possible it will change a few more times.  I know my exact dates (thank you IVF), but my last cycle was 6/19.  I'm due March 25th.  We "conceived" on July 3rd.  It's not uncommon to be a few days either way.

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  • Meh, screw doctors and their due date calculations.  I give them my ovulation date and say please go by that and we can adjust if I am wrong at the growth ultra sound. 

     I was right :)

    If you know your O date, plug that in to an online calculator and use that date.  If your ultra sound comes back measuring significantly behind that I would be concerned but if it is within a few days just go with your due date.

  • It's possible you ovulated later so your LMP isn't necessarily correct.

    Also, I'm assuming those are the dates you had sex? Sperm can last up to 5 days, so you could've conceived up to 5 days later than those dates.

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  • Another way to look at it is this.  Going with a later due date will let you go longer before they consider you "overdue".
  • The calculated date using your LMP accounts for two weeks before ovulation. The due date calculated using an ultrasound is based on the fact that there is a lot less variation in fetal development in the first few weeks. That's what I was told when I asked about the difference at my appointment.
  • I had the same experience, just by about 4 weeks difference in dates! My first appointment they gave me a February 13th due date and after ultrasound they pushed it back almost a month! Go with the adjusted date based on baby's development. But keep in mind that less than 5% of women actually give birth on their actual due date. And if you are trying to avoid being induced and you go earlier than your new found due date then the time has worked in your favor. I know how it feels though for your OB to tell you that you are at a certain number of weeks then they tell you oopsy! you're actually not there yet! At least you know now and wont be going past your due date! 
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