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Birthing Class and no Coach. =[

So, I'm going to my first birthing class and it is supposed to be three hours long. Jace's daddy was supposed to come too, but now he's saying he might not, just because he is angry at me for something I didn't do.

I don't know how to explain to him that this is very important to me and I really need his support. I've said that much.

Is it common for people to go to these classes by themselves, or should I recruit a back up? Like, my sister or something?

And what do you need to bring to the class?
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Re: Birthing Class and no Coach. =[

  • Have someone go with you if you can---your mom, sister, friend...someone that you would be able to count on when you go into labor.

    We didn't have to bring anything to our birthing classes.


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  • Recruit a someone else. Make sure they go with you to all the classes even if SO decides to go to the other classes.
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  • You can bring anyone.
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  • When we took the birthing class we were asked to bring a towel or yoga mat to use when we would sit on the ground and practice the positions and breathing.
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  • I once had a good friend who's husband traveled a lot and he wasn't able to go to the classes at all either so i went with her and helped her.  We always got coffee or dessert before or after class and had so much fun.  I wasn't even married or pregnant then but it was still informative for me which is probaby why i didn't take any classes with i had my DD and won't this time either.  Just find someone to go with you and you will still enjoy yourself. 
  • I agree. Find someone you know you can count on 100%. If he's being petty now, who knows how he'll be for the actual delivery. 

    We were asked to bring two pillows and any snacks we might want to eat to our class. 


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  • I guess some of it depends on what type of class it was. We took Bradley classes, which is husband coached childbirth, so having DH there was pretty important.

    I think they would have told you if you need anything specific, but I would bring some snacks and water. 

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  • I went to my first two classes alone, because DH was out of town for work.  We were given a book that has the exercises we did on the internet so we can practice together, so it wasn't that big a deal that he missed them.

    In your case, I'd get someone you can trust to be there for you during labor and can focus on what YOU need for support.

    As for taking things to class, my instructor asked us to bring two pillows and a blanket to every class.  This week, we need to bring a focus object.  Can you call the hospital/birthing center and ask if you need anything for class?

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  • My class was split over 2 days and I took my sister with me one and Dh the next day. There were a couple people there with no one but I think having someone is better than no one. although if you cant get anyone to go, its better you know something than nothing so its still worth it!

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  • Yes, bring your mother, sister, whoever is supportive and someone who would be in the delivery room with you as well. shame on the father for missing out on something so important over something so petty.

    When I signed up for the birthing class, they sent me a brochure about the class, etc. and it had a list of recommended items to bring. pillow, blanket, and wear clothes suitable for floor exercises. I would look it up on your hospital (or where ever the classes are held) website to be sure.

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