3rd Trimester

Delivery Room?!?!

Who will you be inviting into the delivery room when your giving birth? 


Obviously my hubby will be with me, and we've discussed having both our mother's in the room as well.  

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Re: Delivery Room?!?!

  • Just my hubby and my doula. I'm trying for a natural Bradley birth and can't take too many distractions, plus I don't want his mom in there for the reasons that she can be a super big pain.

    The first hour or two are really important for bonding and I don't want a ton of other people around when I push her out.


    ETA: You may want to check on how big the delivery rooms are at your hospital and if they have a restriction on how many people you can have in the room!

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  • No way!  I love both my MIL and my Mother but I was less drama.  It will be my hubby and if we need back up my GF who has done this 3x's natural.  If anyone is going to get me through this pain med free it will be her.

    Less is more.  Good Luck with your decision.

  • I am only having DH in the room.
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  • Only DH.  Nobody else has asked but I think my mom is tempted to, and I'm sure my sister who is my best friend in the world would like to be there as well.  I just think I'd like to have it be an intimate moment between DH and myself.  In fact, I'm not opposed to him not calling anyone until after our LO arrives.  My dad is 2 hours away and his family is 4 hours away.  My sis and mom live close by though.  I probably need to talk to him about it and nail down how we plan to handle but for sure - just me and him in the delivery room.
  • I told my Mom she could be in the room while we're in labor (figure DH might need a break from time to time)--but when it comes time to push it's just going to be me and DH. 


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  • DH only. Its so intense and so much going on, I couldn't deal with having parents/friends in there too.
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  • Just me, hubby, and the doctor/nurse.  
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  • DH and possibly my younger sister. My MIL has been dropping hints for quite awhile about how she was in the delivery room for all of her grandchildren, but they were her daughters giving birth to them. I really dont think I could handle her being in there so since I dont want to hurt either my mom's feelings or MIL's feelings I dont want either of them in the room with DH and I.  My DH and younger sister get along quite well so I know there wont be any conflict and they will both be very supportive! 
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  • Just my husband. Both of our families live five hours away but it would be just the two of us anyway. This is our little family's moment.
  • Just my H. That's how it was with DS#2, too. It was nice that way. Luckily, no one else really wants to be in the delivery room with us. I can see why.....
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  • My DH, and hopefully my mom.  She lives on the other side of the country but is currently planning on coming out 2 weeks before my due date and staying until LO decides to arrive, hopefully it all works out! 
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  • For delivery, it'll just be DH and I.  During labour, I think I might like either of our moms to be around, but I don't know if mine will be able to make it or if his will want to.  Still need to discuss further with both of them.  I like the idea of having someone who's done it before around (and his mom is a retired nurse), plus I think DH might need a break every now and then if it's a long labour.

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  • Other than DH? Not a soul. Good for you for wanting both mothers in the room. I'd never have any of them. Certainly not MIL. I don't see a reason for guests.
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  • I'm having a c/s, so just DH. We were going to allow both our moms in the delivery room if I was having her vaginally. But now MIL is driving me insane, being extremely clingy and I would have kicked them both out.

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  • It depends on how many people my hospital allows in the delivery room, but DH will definitely be there.

    If 3 are allowed, both of our mothers will be in the room. If only 2 are allowed, it will just be DH because I don't want to pick which mother is allowed in. I'm very close to my MIL (almost as much as my own mother).

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  • Just DH, although I had thought about having my mom and decided against it.  Maybe I wouldn't even notice them, but I picture anyone but DH just being in the way or a distraction.
  • With DS1, I had my mom, my sister and my husband in there with me.
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  • Just me and DH
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  • With DS1 we planned on it just being DH and I, but as labor progressed into more than 24 hours, my parents came to visit for a while.  They watched college basketball (March Madness!)  with DH and then went home.  It was nice to have them there for a little bit even though I wasn't very sociable since I had multiple IVs, was on oxygen and was having back labor. 

    I have to have a C-section for this delivery, so it will be just DH and I.  My parents, stepdaughter and possibly my MIL will come visit later that evening. 

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  • My husband, mom, and sister will be in the room.
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    Just my hubby and my doula.
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  • Dh & our doula. I would love for my mom to be there (she was with my DD), but she is watching DD instead. Our hospital limits L&D visitors to partner and one other person and they prefer that you don't have a rotating door of people in and out.
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  • Only DH! My MIL wants to be in the room but thats just more of me than I'm comfortable with her seeing. We're not even calling her until we're ready for visitors b/c she will try to muscle her way into the room. I want to avoid her being dragged out by security if at all possible.
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  • DH and my mom. Maybe my sister-in-law if she's able to get here in time. I've been going back and forth on whether I'd let my dad and younger brother in, but I haven't decided yet. Most likely I'll let them in there for the very early stages and kick them out when the clothes start coming off, then let them back in as soon as LO is here and I'm cleaned up.


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  • my mother is my support person (so she'll have the matching bracelet that baby & myself will have). But also my sister. Floating in & out will probably be my two teenage nieces, my godmother, and grandmother (we can only have 4ppl in at a time other than your support person).
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  • With DD1, I had my husband, my mom and my dad. Yes, my dad. He was also present when my sister gave birth 2 weeks ago. He was behind everything and couldn't see anything going on down there, but he was present for the births.

    With this baby, it'll most likely be just DH as my mom and dad will have DD1.

    Thankfully, the ILs live on the other side of the country so I don't have to deal with them...but if they did live near, there is no way in hell I would allow either of them in the delivery room.


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  • With DS #1 it was just DH except for a short time when MIL came by--I didn't mind as I was pretty much just resting and waiting to push at that point. My mom lives far away, so she can't be there and I don't know if I would want her in the delivery room anyways.

    I had a nurse, two midwives, and DH in the room and towards the end a cavalry of NICU staff because DS needed to be sent down for several hours. It was a ridiculous amount of people packed into that room at the end...anyone else would have been even more so.

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