1st Trimester

I'm tired of hiding this pregnancy!

I'm so over not telling anyone yet about being pregnant!  I keep almost slipping at work, have to remember who I told, and who I didn't - ugh!  I am just venting - I can't wait for the first trimester to be over, so the news can just be out there!
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Re: I'm tired of hiding this pregnancy!

  • I've only known for a week, and I'm having trouble keeping quiet.  I can't believe I have to stay mum for another two months!

    I work with immigrants from a conservative country which correlates a woman's worth with motherhood, and almost every day one of my clients will place her hand on my stomach and ask, "Baby?" because they're dumbfounded I've been married for three years with no children (by choice).  I'm looking forward to the expression on their faces when I finally say yes.   

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  • I know exactly how you feel! Its second nature to want to share great news but I am trying to hold back as well.  
  • I am in tthe same boat! Every time I have spoken to either one of my parents or friends I just want to blurt it out:)  We are waiting to tell our parents until after our first appointment (a little over three weeks to go!), and going to try to wait until 11/12 weeks to tell our friends and the rest of our family. 
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  • Lurking from 2nd tri....it's definitely hard to hold it in, but it's usually for the best. I have seen countless people blurt it all over FB as soon as they pee on the stick and then they end up losing the pregnancy and have to deal with people asking them for months how the pregnancy is going. That is certainly not to say that anything will go wrong, but the 1st tri is definitely the most delicate. I too, waited to tell immediate family until after our first appt (around 8 weeks) then we told friends/remaining family after our NT scan at 12 1/2 weeks. GL! Try to stay calm and patient....I PROMISE you the weeks go by faster than you can imagine!

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  • In the very near future, when every stranger you pass feel compelled to give you unsolicited advice about pregnancy and parenting, you might wish the pregnancy were still a secret.  :)
  • I'm right there with you.  It's exhausting.  With my first pregnancy, it was DH and my little secret - it was almost fun.  This time it's just a pain in the rear.  I've been fake drinking, declining invites places, avoiding phone calls....I feel like I'm loosing touch with society.  I know it's worth it b/c after our loss in May we only had to tell our parents, which was hard enough.  But now, I'm ready to be blessed out of first tri into second and shout it from the rooftops. 

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  • I totally can't keep a secret. Everyone knows pretty much as soon as we do. That being said, I've never lost a pregnancy and I think if I had I would be more reluctant to tell...
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  • AMEN! Im 12 weeks, 6 days and we are waiting till next Friday to tell at work and the rest of the world. Most close friends/family know, but it will be a nice relief to just HAVE IT OUT THERE!
  • I seriously have a list of people I've told- I'm trying to keep track- just in case i need to untell.  1st Tri just sucks- you are soo excited when you pee on a stick- but you don't want to tell anyone yet- and then you are so sick and tired and bloated and just want to yell that I'm pregnant- not fat, lazy or crazy- but oh well. 
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  • I want to tell people so badly!! But i do know how it feels to have to "un-tell".  DH and I lost our first pregnancy a few months ago (May 18th).  Now that I'm PG again..we want to tell our family and friends so badly---but are waiting for our first appointment on Sept 12th (24 LONG DAYS TO GO!!)  I just want to see that heartbeat!!!  Losing the first pregnancy scares the hell out of me that this one is going to go wrong too! I think that if I just see that little flicker on the screen in a few weeks...I will be ok :)

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  • I'm feeling the same way!  We have an appointment on Monday to hear the heartbeat and I will be 11 weeks.  I really feel like if everything goes smoothly I don't care who knows.  It will just make this easier!

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  • We told our parents and some very close friends already. I haven't told work yet, but since my job can be very physically demanding, I may need to let them know sooner than later. Although there is always that risk and a lot of people wait until the second trimester for that reason, I personally do want the support of the closest to me for better or worse. Either way, I can't wait until I am further so I can shout it from the rooftops that I am gonna be a mommy! 

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  • DH and I have already told most of our families, and I told my boss.  (She's my only coworker)  None of our parents really believed us at first!
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  • There a woman at work whose 7 months pregnant and last week at a meeting I got there early to snag a comfy chair but when she came in the only seat left was next to mine in a metal chair so I felt I had to give her my chair and I wanted to say "but I'm pregnant too!"
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