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Measuring ahead.. 5 weeks ahead!

Yesterday at my apt my stomach measurement was measuring 5 weeks ahead (and has been measuring ahead every apt since I was 18 weeks but only by 2 or 3 weeks) so my doc had me come in today for a growth ultrasound and see how big our little guy is. The ultrasound says hes measuring 4 weeks ahead..

With my first DS he never measured ahead or behind and wasn't a big baby so I'm confused as to why this is happening?

Do you think I miss calculated my dates? I did have an ultrasound at 12 weeks though so that doesn't seem likely to me? Or maybe its just a bigger baby? Even though my son wasn't big?  Do you think he'll change my due date?

Thanks for your input. Just a little curious as to why I'm measuring so far ahead!

DS #1 - 11.25.09 DS #2 - Due 11.2.11

Re: Measuring ahead.. 5 weeks ahead!

  • From what I have heard, the earlier the ultrasound, the more accurate it is.  Even dating by ovulation/periods isn't as accurate (to my understanding). 

    When I first met my OB and we talked about "due dates", she said that once it is established - usually by means of a dating ultrasound (the most accurate), she won't change it unless it is substantial.  To her, substantial is - 1 week in 1st trimester, 2 weeks in second tri and 3 weeks in 3rd trimester.  Meaning, in your situation, since baby is measuring 4 weeks ahead, I would think my OB would move my date up.  

    All of that being said - not sure how accurate ultrasounds are at this stage in the game.  So your doc may or may not do anything depending on what he determines.  It would be unhealthy for baby to think he is due earlier and induce for "going over" instead of just letting nature run it's course and let him come when his time is right.  

    This is why due dates SUCK! 

    GL :)


  • I'm on the same boat as you...Every time I've seen my Doc or had an ultrasound they have told me I'm measuring a week ahead every time. I'm 35 weeks now they have already changed my due date twice and not changing it again. I told them no so really due to the Doc's I'm 36 weeks...But anyways they have also told me I have way more amniotic fluid then normal so that too has a part in it. I wouldn't worry about it. As long as your baby is healthy your fine. But just hope he's not to big to deliver vaginally. They are inducing me next week due to this and other medical reasons. :) Good luck hun!



  • Thanks for your input! Due dates DO suck!! I had the ultrasound today but don't meet with my doc for 2 weeks so I'm very anxious to see what he has to say.

     THANKS again! 

    DS #1 - 11.25.09 DS #2 - Due 11.2.11
  • Our baby also measures about 2-3 weeks ahead since the 20 week anatomy u/s.  My OB said that since a due date was established by an early u/s and the fact that that due date was within a couple days of my period due date that he would not be changing my due date again after the early u/s (done at 8 and 12 wks).  He said that baby's that measure big after that point are simply that, big babies for one reason or another.  He also said he would not induce labor or do a c-section prior to 39 weeks (by early u/s due date) because even though at 36-37 weeks she could be measuring 39-40 weeks that her lungs may not be mature yet and she could require NICU time.  A big baby does not necessarily guarantee that there lungs are mature sooner.  The soonest he will do anything to "force" a big baby into the world is 39 weeks, regardless of how big she is.  We are having another u/s at 36 weeks to see where she is and will make some decisions then in regards to her size and our birth plan, whether that means inducing or having a c-section at 39 weeks or waiting if her size looks like it will permit.  In our situation she's also breech, so a c-section may be where we are headed anyhow.
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