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Naked Juice/Odwalla Fans

I've read a couple of posts on the board from people who were wondering what "gently pasteurized" meant and whether Naked/Odwalla juices are safe. I was curious too, so I emailed Naked Juice and got the information below in return.

"Gently pasteurized" means that all of our juices and smoothies go through a pasteurization process called "flash pasteurization". This is when juices are heated up quickly and then brought back to a cold temperature in a "flash".

Flash pasteurization deactivates enzymes that could cause the juice to brown or separate. This also makes the product microbiologically stable in order provide a safe product while keeping the taste, nutritional benefits, aromas, and original flavors intact. Safety and quality are two areas that we never want to compromise on, and this process is just as safe and effective as regular pasteurization processes.

I did a little Googling and saw that Tropicana also flash pasteurizes their juices. So, it looks like these juices are a go for me.
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